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Name the mosque where almost seventy prophets are buried?
What was the religion of the forefathers of the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
Ghazwa Abwa is also known as
Which was the first Ghazwa of Islam?
Synonym of Benevolence?
Synonym of Bemuse?
Synonym of Beguile?
Synonym of Banish?
Synonym of Balm?
Data is transmitted character by character in?
The voice channel has a bandwidth of?
Microwave and Communication Satellite are examples of?
Data is transmitted block by block in?
Analog signal is measured in?
An arrangement in which data is transmitted in both directions at a time is called?
To send data, instruction and information you need a?
A set of raw, unprocessed facts, figures and symbols is called:?
Frequency is measured in?
Data transmission speed of wire pair is?
Internal modem is connected to?