Antonio Lopez Car Accident – Antonio Lopez Cause of Death – Passed Away

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Antonio Lopez Car AccidentCause of Death: A Portland father’s family said they hypothesize he could be the driver who was seen dispatching his vehicle off a turnpike interface in a bizarre mishap on Sunday that occurred around the time the man vanished.

Amaro Lopez discovered work somewhere else at his family’s bistro at around 5 p.m. on Sunday and hasn’t been seen since, as shown by relatives. They said they acknowledge he may have been related to the veritable auto collision that city experts are right now investigating.

On Feb. 14, witnesses point by point seeing a maroon SUV that was travelling toward the south on Interstate 205 strike a bank and turn insane at around 5:48 p.m., police said. The vehicle purportedly slid off Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge and tumbled down towards the Columbia River. Coast watch specialists recently certified nuances of the setback.

“Considering genuine verification and witness explanations, it appears to be a vehicle journeying south on the expressway let totally go and went over the guardrail between the Oregon-Washington limit and Government Island,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a decree.

Stream watch units were dispatched of the pursuit of the zone, nonetheless, haven’t turned up any evidence of the SUV or its driver. Experts in like manner sent sonar development in their request effort.

“The Portland Police Major Crash Team doesn’t think about the vehicle in this mishap having been discovered,” police said. “The vehicle has not been found and they have no vehicle or voyager nuances to convey.”

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is driving request and rescue tries. The assessment concerning the mishap is nonstop.

Witness reports of the vehicle related to the mishap arrange the depiction of Lopez’s 2006 Subaru Tribeca, according to his family. They said the time-frame of the incident similarly by and large lines up with that of Lopez’s evaporating, observing the last stretch of his trip home takes him across Glenn Jackson Bridge.

Lopez called his significant other in a split second before vanishing, teaching her he was on his way home, sources close to the family said. As the hours passed, in any case, they turned out to be logically scared.

“It went to 7, 8, and [my mom] informed him again, ‘I’m concerned, where are you?’ And no response,” Lopez’s young lady, Abi Amaro, told KOIN.

Distinctive relatives conjecture Lopez slanted his vehicle over a barrier made by a snowplough following profound snowfall.

“As shown by witnesses, he was on the Glenn Jackson Bridge, and no doubt he let totally go on a sheet of ice,” Kelly Brown, a more inaccessible family part, uncovered to The Oregonian. “The snowplough pushed the snow aside and made a barrier, and the vehicle went up that and over, into the water.”

The missing father’s family said they’re perplexed with inspectors’ chase tries.

“The police gave us an advice, a heads up that there was an incident on the framework with an equivalent concealing,” Amaro added.

She is like manner said that it would be “absolutely strange” for her father to dissipate and stop correspondence. The family said they’ve been reliably calling area facilities looking for him.

A vigil was held for Lopez on Wednesday night in Portland, according to the Columbian.

The Portland Police Bureau declined to comment dealing with this issue this week.

Anyone with information related to Lopez’s whereabouts or who may have seen Sunday’s disaster is drawn nearer to contact Portland Police at 503-823-5070.

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