Auarez Com Reviews – Is It Offering Scam Deals?

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Auarez Com Reviews –Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? Do you want to buy a glamorous bag online?

This article is a complete guide of auarez com!

Wearing handbags is the weakness of today’s woman. Women can never think about going outside without having a bag. Bags give them a style. Also, they keep all their necessary things in it like make-up kits, home keys and various cash cards etc. but, if you are thinking to buy it online through any newly-emerging eCommerce site, you might be at a high risk to lose your money by doing so.

In this article, you will be provided all the necessary information about Auarez Com for whether you should purchase anything through is an online store or not.

What is Auarez Com?

Auarez Com is an online bag selling site. You can find a wide variety of various handbags there. All of these bags seem to be made for women. So, this website is created to meet the fashion needs of women. Some of the handbags being sold at Auarez Com are three styles eco shopping bag, 18 style pocket square shopping bag, eco foldable shopping bag and women corduroy shopping bag.

The whole stock looks gorgeous, and you can stick to any one bag instantly. But, is Auarez Com legit?

The following points will provide you handy guide in this regard:

Age of Auarez Com

It is a bitter reality that we cannot trust anything without taking much time to it. It means if a website is just one month old, no one can imagine such a website easily. On the other hand, the six-year-old site would be a reliable place to buy anything through it.

So, in the case of Auarez Com, it is just six days old shopping website. If you want to see its age yourself, do type in your browser. Place this web address at whois. You will find the registration date of Auarez Com. just six days time span is not enough time to judge the reality behind it.

Payment Mode

If you check the payment mode of Auarez Com, you will find it has just the PayPal account to get the money from its customers. If you search deeply, you will come to know that most drop shippers have only PayPal mode for their customers. Most of those drop shippers do not work sincerely. So, Auarez Com might also be one of them. Think about it!

Fake Office Address

The office address provided at the Contact page of Auarez Com also seems a fake office address because if you search this address at your browser, you will not find anything related to Auarez shopping store at this destination. But, what will be the reason why Auarez Com has used a fake office address. It might be an online scam store. Just think about it!

Wrong Phone Number

If you check the bottom of Auarez Com, you will find a contact number there. If you check this phone number manually, nobody will answer your call. This phone number which Auarez Com claims to have its contact number is just a random phone number and nothing else. It makes us much curious about Auarez Com.


Auarez Com is not a safe place to buy your favourite luxury handbag online. Though the price mentioned it is quite reasonable, there is nothing on Auarez Com which we can say legit. Auarez shopping store has arrived to loot the innocent women. So, we highly recommend you not to purchase any handbag through Auarez Com.

Best of luck!

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