Beathel Com Reviews – Is It Offering Scam Deals?

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Are you searching for a clothing website?

You may see that numerous e-commerce websites are springing up on the internet, and most of them sell women clothing. Women clothing is one of the top industries which has been growing up day by day. If you are a woman, you will also like to dress up uniquely. For that uniqueness, e-commerce clothing stores are increasing their numbers rapidly. But, you cannot trust any online shopping store without getting much information about it. It might be a scam website and intends to loot you.

After reading this article, you can decide whether you should shop any clothing through beathel com website or not.

What is Beathel Com?

Beathel com is an online shopping website which claims to have a massive stock of various kinds of women dresses like loungewear, pajama, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits and pants. All the dresses are well-categorized into summer and spring categories.

The dresses which beathel com claims to sell are casual, printed dresses, two-piece sets, blouses, tees, sweatshirts, pants and much more.

But, if you think the whole stock is genuine, your wallet may be at high risk.

By the following steps, you might be able to judge the reality of any online shopping website, including beathel com:

Age of Beathel Com

Generally, people trust old websites which are about five to ten year old. But, if you see the registration date of beathel com, you will find that it is no more than two months old. Less than two months is a short time to gain the trust of viewers. You must wait until five years to shop anything through this online shopping store. At this time, it is not a trustworthy shopping store.

Email Address Information

If you see the Contact Us page of beathel com, you will find no email address there. But, whois website shows that this online shopping store has not revealed its real email address. Instead, it is hidden in the guise of whoisguard privacy. You should know the fact that most scammers use this privacy to stay hidden from the eye of the police. You must think about it before purchasing any dress through beathel com.

No Office Address

Usually, when you buy anything through an online shopping store and you not like that product, you can use the return it at the given return address. But, if you search the return address of beathel com, you will find nothing. There is no office or shop address of beathel com available on this website. It makes this clothing website a little dodgy.

Social Media Icons

Beathel has shared two social media icons on its website. You may glad to see that beathel com has a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. It means this website is not trying to hide its identity in front of the social media community. Most scammers scare to come at social media platform in the fear to be caught the police. But, beathel com has nothing like that. So, it might not be a scam.


After searching the reality behind beathel com in various ways, we can say that the risk rate of this online clothing store to be the scam is 90%. However, it may not be the scam because it is present on the social media platform. But, we suggest you no to buy anything through this store. It might loot you.

Best of luck!

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