David Ray McCoy Death – Obituary – Woman Convicted Again In Slaying

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David Ray McCoy Death – A South Side lady has been charged for the second time of killing top dog David Ray McCoy, her live-in dear, in 1988.

A jury of nine ladies and three men restored a decision of committed of first-degree murder against Sheila Daniels, 41, late Monday night.

Cook County Criminal Court Judge Joseph Urso set scolding for Sept. 16, Assistant State’s Atty. Jim McKay said Tuesday. The state will request the most remarkable order of 80 years, he communicated, an equivalent term Daniels got in 1990 after her first conviction.

The retrial was referenced two years sooner by the Illinois Appellate Court, which turned that conviction for prosecutorial pitiful direct.

Right-hand State’s Atty. Ellen Mandeltort, who drove the arraignment exertion during the three-day retrial, told escorts that Daniels had as time goes on admitted to shooting McCoy, yet in the wake of sending police on an immaterial interest. Precisely when from the outset tended to, following the body was discovered, Daniels told auditors that McCoy, 53, had gone out with his firearm in the wake of having a warmed phone struggle with a dull individual.

Shield legitimate guide James Cutrone, who said he intends to ensure, attempted absurdly to convince the jury that Daniels had acted in self-defending. He said McCoy had given her unpalatable attack and had sabotaged her with a handgun.

Daniels had lived with McCoy, a paraplegic, for a long time. Police said McCoy and Daniels had a neighbourhood fight on the day he was shot while sitting in his vehicle in the parking spot of their East 92nd Street home, in the Pill Hill zone. McCoy’s youngsters, Morgan Park money related specialists Cynthia McCoy Richardson and Jelahn McCoy, said they recognize their dad wanted to kill Daniels of his will.

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Daniels gave up on the stand that her girl, Stephanie Scott, starting at now 20, acquired the house and part of McCoy’s fortune after his annihilation.

McCoy, a free head honcho who ensured a movement of relationship along Stony Island Avenue, was discovered dead in his vehicle in a South Side byway on Nov. 12, 1988. Daniels, by then 32, was looked six days at some point up some other time after the wrongdoing weapon, a .25 sort Beretta, was followed to her.

She and her more youthful kinfolk, Tyrone Daniels, by then 20, were indicted in the executing. She was condemned to 80 years in jail for shooting the first and risky shot behind McCoy’s left ear. He got 60 years for shooting McCoy twice in the asylum.

In January 1996, not long after Sheila Daniels was passed on bond moving toward retrial, William Dowery was discovered dead in the parking space of the 92nd Street house, where police said he had been living with Daniels and her girl. That case stays open, Calumet Area analysts said Tuesday.

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