Chemistry Most Important Mcqs For spsc ,fpsc,pts,ots,sts,nts or etc

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(1)The nucleus of the atom consists of.

 (a)Proton and neutron

(b)Proton and electron

(c) Neutron and electron

(d)Proton,neutronand electron.

(2)Rutherford`s experiment on scattering of particles showed for the first time that the atom has.

(a) electrons


 (c)A nucleus

(d) neutron

 (3) Which of the following are iso-electronic with each other.

 (a) Na+ and Ne

(b) K+ and O

(c) Ne and O

(d) Na+ and K+

 (4) The total number of neutrons in dipositive zinc with mass number 70 is.

(a) 34




 (5) Magnetic quantum number specifies.

(a) size of orbitals

(b)shape of orbitals

 (c) orientation of orbitals in space.

(d) nuclear stability.

 (6) Which of the following, the electromagnetic radiation with maximum wavelength is.

(a) ultraviolet

 (b) radio waves

(c) x-ray

(d) infrared

 (7) Correct set of four quantum numbers for valence electrons of rubidium is.

 (a) 5,0,0,+1/2

(b) 5,1,0,+1/2

(c) 5,1,1,+1/2

(d) 6,0,0,+,1/2

 (8) In potassium the order of energy level is.

(a) 3S >3d

 (b) 4S < 3d

(c) 4S > 4P

(d) 4S =3d

 (9) An atom has two electrons in K-shell, eight electrons in L-shell and six electrons in M-shell. the number of S-electrons present in the element is.

 (a) 10

(b) 7

(c) 6


 (10) Which of the following principles, limits the maximum number of electrons in an orbital to two.

(a) aufbau principle

 (b) pauli`s exclusion principle

(c) hund`s rule of max. multiplicity

(d) Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

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 (11) The number of neutrons in the nucleus of tritium are.

(a) 1

 (b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

 (12) A neutron possesses.

(a) positive charge

 (b) no charge

(c) negative charge

(d) all are correct.

 (13) A p-orbital can accommodate.

(a) 4 electrons

 (b) 6 electrons

(c) 2 electrons with parallel spins

(d) 2 electrons with opposite spins.

 (14) When 3d orbital is complete, the newly entering electron goes into.

(a) 4f

(b) 4s

 (c) 4p

(d) 4d

 (15) Line spectra are characteristics of.

 (a) atom

(b) molecules

(c) radicals

(d) none of the above.

16) For energy level quantum number n=3, the number of possible orbitals are.

(a) 1

 (b) 9

(c) 3

(d) 4

 (17) Universe is made up of.

(a) matter

(b) space

(c) energy

 (d) all of the above.

 (18) Which of the experiments convince us about the divisibility of atom.

(a) radioactivity

(b) x-rays

(c) spectroscopic studies

 (d) all of the above.

 (19) which light is emitted by a fluorescent material.

(a) UV

 (b) visible

(c) IR

(d) X-rays

 (20) Conduction of electricity through any gas may be studied at.

(a) high pressure

 (b) low pressure

(c) moderate pressure

(d) none of these.

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