Daniel Luna Car Accident – Cause of Death: Head-on collision in Fresno County kills 9 People

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Daniel Luna DeathDied in a Car Accident: Daniel Luna, 28, of Avenal was one of nine people who died in a mishap Friday night in County Ash tree. FRESNO, CA (January 1, 2020)

The episode happened around 8:00 PM on Highway 33, south of Sutter Avenue.

CHP specialists said Luna was driving a 2013 Dodge when it veered onto the west shoulder of the street. He is unable to maintain control of the vehicle and investigated the road south, where he struck head-on with a Ford pickup.

Luna kicked the container after swinging. The truck was hit with eight people still inside.

Definitely when the fire was put out, surprisingly, the sum of the eight occupants was also discovered dead, seven of whom had all the provisions to be young.

Experts perceive that only one of each strange individual was insured, as the truck only had six-seat tie-downs.

So far, the specialists have not passed on the characters of various hardships as they continue their evaluation. They are also trying to decide whether alcohol or recipes played a factor in the episode.

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