Di Goodman in Death in Paradise – Kris Marshall’s last Death in Paradise scene is very Love Actually

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Di Goodman in Death in Paradise – Watching Kris Marshall’s last scene as DI Humphrey Goodman in Death in Paradise, we unexpectedly had a flashback to 2003 exemplary Christmas film Love Actually.

Yet, as Humphrey proclaimed his adoration to Martha in an eatery, there was no hint of Marshall’s bothering character in that film: the presumptuous, horny sandwich conveyance man Colin Frissell.

No – Marshall rather diverted the soul of Colin Firth’s semantically tested Jamie.

As you’ll recall, the sorrowful author went gaga for his Portuguese servant Aurélia while on vacation. He then, at that point, returned home, taken in her language around evening time classes, and got back to propose to her in Portuguese at the eatery where she was a server. So heartfelt!

It’s a strategy that worked for Jamie, so Humphrey obviously chose to check it out, as well.

We definitely realized that we’d bid farewell to Marshall’s criminal investigator toward the finish of the scene, as he gave on the cudgel to DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon). However, fortunately his exit was less awful than killed DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller’s) farewell four years prior, and our cloth coat wearing cop got his glad closure with adoration premium Martha.

Humphrey had left the bright Caribbean island of Saint Marie as a component of a designation to London to tackle the instance of a killed angler, liaising with the Met police’s DI Jack Mooney.

However, London, helpfully, was the place where Martha was currently living.

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