Fangeme Com Reviews – Check If This Smart Mask Is A Scam!

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Fangeme Com Reviews – Check If This Smart Mask Is A Scam! Are you familiar with fangeme smart masks?

This article is a complete guide of purchasing fangeme smart mask!

According to research, around 4.2 million people die due to air pollution every day. Air pollution has become one of the biggest problems in the year 2020. We cannot say ourselves safe in this universe because numerous poisonous air particles can lead us to death anytime. In this uncertain time, how can someone stay secured? The short and sweet answer to this is by using just a face-covering mask.

After reading this article, you will be able to decide whether you should purchase fangeme smart masks or not.

What is Fangeme com?

Fangeme com is an online shopping store which you can also say an online mask shop. You can find here a vast stock of various kinds of smart face masks like a transparent mask, reusable mask, cotton mask with eyes shield, face mask for kids, dust face mask, outdoor cycling face mask, unisex mouth mask and much more.

But, do you think this is a legit sign of fangeme com? You should gather all the necessary information before buying any smart face mask through fangeme.

Age of Fangeme com

  You should know the fact that fangeme com is just three days old shopping website.

Three days! Can you imagine how young this website is? Generally, there is no online shopping store which can be trustworthy in such a short period. Age is the most important thing to know the reality of any online shopping store. Now, if we talk about fangeme com, it is a very young website and can never be trustworthy. Must think about it wisely!

Email Address Information

An email address is available on the Contact Us page of fangeme com. But, it does not seem a professional email address. It has used a Gmail mail, whereas various legit online shopping stores always use their brand name as the domain of their email. Mostly, scammers use such unprofessional email addresses to mislead the people. Similarly, fangeme com might be one of them.

Office Address Information

Fangeme com has also provided an office address to its viewers where you can return your order in case of any fault. Now, see the reality behind this office address. You need to search this address at Google; you will find no confirm destination at this address. All you will see there is just a home. How can home be the office address of a legit online shopping store? Just think about it!

No Contact Number

The contact number of any online shopping website is the key to access that person. If you check fangeme com thoroughly, you will find no contact number there. How can such a colossal mask selling website have no phone number? Does it not want to provide it to its viewers? It is, absolutely, a highly suspicious point of fangeme com. Just think about it.

Payment Method Information

The payment method which fangeme com has used to get payment from its customers is just PayPal. You may know that PayPal is a widely used account by most drop shippers. Most of these drop shippers get money from innocent people for the original product and deliver cheap Chinese items after that. Fangeme com might also use such a strategy.


After visiting fangeme com thoroughly, we have come to this conclusion that there is a lot of information available on this website which is fake. Contact number is unavailable. Moreover, there is no social media profile of fangeme com, which makes us think about the legitimacy of this website. So, we suggest you not to purchase any mask through this online scam.

Best of luck!

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