Glaciers of Pakistan MCQS (Geography of Pakistan)

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1.How much area of Mountain region is covered by glaciers in Pakistan
(a) 13%
(b) 17%
(c) 21%
(d) 25%
2.In Pakistan Galciers covers the area of
(a) 12680
(b) 13680 sq km
(c) 14680
(d) 17680 sq km
3.Which of the following Glaciers are present in Karakoram range?
(a) Siachen, Hispar and Biafo
(b) Batura
(c) Chogo Lungma and Yengunta
(d) All of above
4.Siachen glacier is present in the region of
(a) Shigar
(b) Chitral
(c) Skardu
(d) Baltistan
5.What is the total length of Siachen glacier?
(a) 63 km
(b) 67 km
(c) 71.5 km
(d) 72.5 km

6.Batura is the second largest glacier of Pakistan with the length of
(a) 645 km
(c) 68.5 km
(b) 67 km
(d) 69 km
7.Baltoro glacier is situated in the mountain range of
(a) Karakoram
(b) Sulaiman
(c) Hindu Kush
(d) Himalayas
8. Name the highest glacier of Pakistan
(a) Hispar
(b) Baltoro
(c) Siachen
(d) Batura
9.Name the longest glacier of Pakistan
(a) Hispar
(b) Baltoro
(c) Siachen 
(d) Batura
10. What is the total length of Hispar glacier
(a) 57 km
(b) 59 km
(c) 61 m
(d) 63 km
11. What is the total length of Baltoro glacier
(a) 54 km
(b) 58 km
(c) 59.9 km
(d) 61.9 km
12.The total height of Siachen glacier is
(a) 15000 feet
(b) 17000 feet
(c) 20000 feet

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