Hoursway Reviews – Is Hoursway Com Legit or Scam?

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Have you ever heard of Hoursway shopping website?


In this twentieth century, no one wants to purchase one’s clothing going out of the market. One always prefer to buy one’s required product online. People trust e-commerce websites a lot. But, they do not know scammers are everywhere on the internet. You should be aware of all such kinds of scam websites.

This article is a complete review of Hoursway com website.

What is Hoursway Com?

Hoursway Com is an online shopping website which claims to sell various kinds of women clothing and other accessories. It sells women tops, bottoms, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, swimwear and activewear. Some of its clothing items are loose T-shirts, long sleeve sweatshirts, plaid pocket jackets, slim jeans, printed split bikini and cross-body fitness bra.

Among accessories, you can find butterfly embroidery hat, butterfly print socks, shade sun goggles and casual sunglasses etc.

This article will provide you with a handy guide for whether you should purchase something through Hoursway Com or not.

Age of Hoursway Com

If you want to check how old Hoursway Com website is, you will have to visit whois website. There, you will find that this online shopping store is just one month old. Do you think one month is enough time to trust any website? Generally, online shopping stores take five to ten years to get the trust of people. So, Hoursway Com should not be a trustworthy website.

Email Address Information

If you visit the Contact Us page of Hoursway Com, you will find that it has provided no contact information but an email address. Anyhow, that email address is entirely professional. It has used its Company name “Hoursway” as the domain of its email address. For your kind information, most legit websites always use such email addresses to contact with their customers. So, Hoursway Com might not be the scam.

No Return Address

Now is the time to scrutinize the Contact Us page of Hoursway Com. here, you will find no return address to which you can return your order. It means this shopping website does not allow its customers to return any product in case of any fault. But, the question is, how can you trust the quality of its products? Must think wisely!

Social Media Icons

Hoursway shopping store has shared two social media icons on its website, which are Facebook and Instagram. If you click any one of them, you will find the other page where Hoursway Com will appear. It means these social media icons are not fake. So, Hoursway Com might be a legit online shopping website.


After reviewing Hoursway Com in detail, we have come to this conclusion that there is nothing legit in this online shopping store. It has a risk to be a scam. We recommend you to be aware of all such fraud and misleading shopping websites.

Best of luck!

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