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101 Which Kalimah should be recited after the Wuzu?
(a) Kalimah-e-Shahadat
(b) Kalimah-e-Tamjeed
(c) Kalimah-e-Tayyaba
(d) Bismillah
102. At what occasion all the Kalimahs are recited by a Muslim?
(a) Birth
(b) Death
(c) Migration
(d) Nikah
103. What is the meaning of Wuzu?
(a) Purification
(b) Ablution
(c) Cleanliness
(d) Perfection
104. How many obligations or Farz in Wuzu are?
(a) Three
(b) Five
(c) Six
(d) Four

105. How many Sunan-e-Wuzu are? !
(a) 12
(b) 14
(c) 15
(d) 13
106. How many Mustahab in Wuzu are?
(a) Six
(b) Four
(c) Five
(d) Seven
107. How many Makruhat in Wuzu?!
(a) Five
(b) Four
(c) Two
(d) Seven
108. What is the object of Salat?
(a) To provide benefits to whole humanity
(b) To circulate wealth equal among Muslims
(c) To define those acts which are related
only to man and Allah
(d) To develop solidarity and unity among
109. Salat-e-Khisoof is performed at the occasion
(a) Drought
(b) Luner eclipse
(c) Solar eclipse
(d) Earthquake
110. Salat-e-Kisoof is performed at the occasion of
(a) Solar eclipse
(b) Luner eclipse
(c) Famine
(d) Death
111.Salat-e-Istasga is performed at the occasion
(a) Shortage of rain
(b) Solar eclipse
(c) Fear
(d) War
112. Salat-e-Istakhara is offered for
(a) Rain
(b) Féar
(c) Commin Hajat
(d) Death
113.How many Farz Raka’at does a Muslim offar on journey instead of four of Zuhr, Asr and
Isha prayers?
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 5
(d) 6

114 Name the prayers in which there is no
change in Farz Raka’ats in case of Qasr?
(a) Fajr
(b) Maghrib
(c) Witr
(d) All of them
115. Every prayer is preceded by an Azaan with the exception of
(a) Eid-ul-Fitr
(b) Eid-ul-Ashaa
(c) Funeral prayer
(d) All of them
116. A person who performs prayer alone is called
(a) Maqtadi
(b) Munfarid
(c) Mosboog
117. Standing straight for a short while after Rukah is called
(a) Qalada
(b) Jalsa
(c) Qiyam
(d) Qauma
118. How many persons should be in Ba-Jamat-Salat?
(a) Three
(b) Two
(c) Four
(d) One
119. Which pillar of Islam is the key of Paradise?
(a) Hajj
(b) Salat
(c) Zakat
(d) Soam
120. When Siyyam of Ramazan was ordered?
(a) 5 AH
(b) 7 AH
(c) 4 AH
(d) 2 AH
121. Ramazan is the month of Islamic
(a) 9th
(b) 11th
(c) 10th
(d) 12th
122. What is the meaning of Aitekat?
(a) Ablution
(b) Prostration
(c) Seclusion
(d) None of them
123. In which month of the Islamic calendar first revelation of the Qur’an came to the How Prophet (SAW)?
(a) Safar
(b) Ramazan
(c) Shawal
(d) Zil Hajj
124. Which Rukn-e-Islam is called a shield?
(a) Salat
(b) Fasting
(c) Zakat
(d) Hajj

125. What is the key note of fasting?
(a) Self-control
(b) Self-discipline
(c) a and b
(d) Selflessness
126. What is called the first Ashra of Ramazan?
(a) Ashra-e-Maghfirat
(b) Ashra-e-Rehmat
(c) Ashra-e-Najat-e-Naar-e-Jahannam
(d) All of them
127.What is called the second Ashra of Ramazan?
(a) Ashra-e-Rehmat
(b) Ashra-e-Maghfirat
(c) Ashra-e-Najat-e-Naar-e-Jahannam
(d) All of them
128. What is called the third Ashra of Ramazan?
(a) Ashra-e-Najat-e-Naar-e-Jahannam
(b) Ashra-e-Maghfirat
(c) Ashra-e-Rehmat
(d) All of them Son
129. Who was the wife of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and the daughter of the pharaoh of Egypt?
(a) Hazrat Sara
(b) Hazrat Hajira
(b) Hazrat Safia
(d) Hazrat Mamoona
130. What is the backbone of the economic system of Islam?
(a) Tax.
(b) Jehad
(c) Zakat
(d) Ushr
131. Hazrat Sara (RA) the wife of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and the mother of Hazrat Ishaq (AS) was the sister of Prophet
(a) Hazrat Hood (AS)
(b) Hazrat Loot (AS) .
(c) Hazrat Uzair (AS)
(d) Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
132. How many times the word Zakat appears with Salat in the Holy Quran?
(a) 30
(b) 31
(d) 32
(d) 33 –
138. When the rate and method of distribution was determined of Madina?
(a) 2nd AH
(b) 3rd AH
(c) 4th AH
(d) 5th AH
139. The Nisaab of Zakat is
(a) 52/1÷2 tolas silver or 71÷2 tolas gold
(b) 53 tolas silver or 10 tolas gold
(c) 52, tolas silver or 7 tolas gold
(d) None of these
135. What is the rate of Zakat on silver, gold and currency?
(a) 2%
(b) 1%
(c) 21÷2%
(d) 2.25%

136. What is Ushr?
(a) 1/10th produce of agriculture
(b) 1/5th of precious stones
(c) 1/10th of the whole property
(d) None of them
137. What is the meaning of Khums?
(a) One sixth
(b) One fifth
(c) One fourth
(d) One seventh
138. What is the compulsory tax on the produce of agricultural lands?
(a) Ushr
(b) Poll tax
(c) Zakat
(d) Poor tax
139. How much is the rate of Ushr on the produce of artificially irrigated land?
(a) 1/20
(b) 1/10
(c) 1/11
(d) 1/15
140. How much is the rate of Ushr on the produce of land benefited by rain or some natural spring?
(a) 1/15
(b) 1/20
(c) 1/10
(d) 1/26
141. From where the word “Zakat” is derived?
(a) Zakariya
(b) Tazkiya
(c) Zaka
(d) None of them
142. Name the fundamental pillar of Islam which is often mentioned in the Holy Qur’an along with Salat?
(a) Jehad
(b) Haji
(c) Salat
(d) Zakat
143. What is the literal meaning of the word Haj?
(a) The will to visit
(b) To wald briskly
(c) The holy journey
(d) To go round Ka’ba
144. Who built the first structure of the Holy ka ba?
(a) Hazrat Adam (AS)
(b) Hazrat Ismaeel (AS)
(c) Hazrat Ibraheem (AS)
(d) Hazrat Moosaa (AS)
145. The places from which the Hajjaj to Makkah assume the state of Ihraam
(a) Meeqat
(b) Mina
(c) Arafat
(d) Muzdalfa
146. The running between two hills Safa and Marwah Seven times is called
(a) Rami
(b) Waqaf
(c) Sayee
(d) Tawaf
147. The most important step of Hajj after assuming Ahram is
(a) Tawat
(b) Waquf
(c) Rami
(d) Jamarat

148. The upright stones at some distance from one another called
(a) Jamarat
(b) Rami
(c) Waquf
(d) Sayee
149. The second important step of Haji after Waquf is
(a) Say’ee
(b) Tawaf
(c) Rami
(d) Sacrifice
150. How many obligations (Farz) are there in the Hajj?
(a) Three
(b) Two
(c) Four
(d) Five
151. Hujjaj stay at Mina for one day, the second day at Arafat and the final day, encampment is done for a night at Mazdalfah; it is called
(a) Jamarat 
(b) Waquf
(c) Saylee
(d) Tawafa
152. In which month Hajj is performed?
(a) Zil-Hajj
(b) Zi-Qalada
(c) Safar
(d) Muharram
153. Name the sacred area around Makkah?
(a) The Haram
(b) Jamarat
(c) Ihraam
(d) Arafat
154. Where does the Hajji go after completing the seven rounds?
(a) Arafat
(b) Al-Maltazim
(c) Say’ee
(d) Tawaf-e-Rukh
155. The portion of the wall of Ka’ba which is between its door and Hajr-e-Aswad is called
(a) Al Multazim
(b) Hateem
(c) Haram
(d) Safar
156. How many times Hajji runs between the Safa and Marwah hills?
(a) Six
(b) Nine
(c) Seven
(d) Eight
157 Where does Hajji go after performing
(a) Safa
(b) Mina
(c) Arafat
(d) Muzdalfa
158. Mina lies between
(a) Arafat and Makkah
(b) Arafat and Madina
(c) Jadah and Taaif
(d) Makkah and Jaddah

159. When does Hajjl travel to Mina?
(a) 2nd Zil-Hajj
(b) 5th Zil-Hajj
(c) 8th Zil-Hajj
(d) 9th Zil-Hajj
160. What is Arafat?
(a) Plain
(b) Mountain
(c) Forest
(d) Desert
161. Name the plain where Hazrat Adam (AS) and his wife were re-united after years of wanderings?
(a) Arafat
(b) Muzdalfa
(c) Mina
(d) Hateem
162. What is Waquf-e-Arafat?
(a) The stay in the plain of Arafat
(b) Offering of prayers
·         (c) The stay at Mina
(d) The stay at Haram
163.What is Muzdalfa?
(a) Forest
(b) Stream
(c) Desert
(d) Plain
164. Muzdalfa is located between
(a) Mina and Arafat
(b) Arafat and Makkan
(c) Muzdalfa and Hijaz
(d) Makkah and Madina
165. From where pebbles for throwing at Shaitan are picked up?
(a) Mina
(b) Hateem
(c) Arafati
(d) Muzdalfa
166. Name the fundamental pillar of Islam which was made Farz in 9 AH.
(a) Salat
(b) Soam
(c) Zakat
(d) Hajj
167. The meaning of Jehad fi Sabil Allah is
(a) Fighting for the country
(b) Fighting in the way of Allah
(c) Fighting for honour
(d) Fighting with enemy
168. One who tries to struggle against his selfieevil self is called
(a) Mujahid
(b) Shaheed
(c) Chazi
(d) Mujtahid
169. What is the meaning of Quran?
(a) He read
(b) He collected together
(c) He recited
(c) All of them

170. In how much time the Holy Quran was revealed?
(a) 22 years 5 months and 14 days
(b) 23 years 5 months and 12 days
(c) 22 years 3 months and 22 days
(d) 21 years 5 months and 12 days
171. The Holy Quran was revealed from
(a) 607-630 AD
(b) 610-632 AD
(c) 608-633 AD
 (d) 609-632 AD
172. Who preserved the verses and chapters of the Holy Qur’an under the instructions of the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
(a) Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit (RA)
(b) Hazrat Bilal bin Rubbah (RA)
(c) Hazrat Abu Hurrairah (RA)
(d) Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib (RA)
173. How much of the Holy Qur’an, the longest surah comprises of?
(a) 1/20
(b) 1/10
(c) 1/12
(d) 1/15
174. Which is the shortest Surah in the Qur’an?
(a) Surah kausar
(b) Surah Falaq
(c) Surah Alaq
(d) Surah Fateha
175. The smallest number of verses in a Surah is
(a) Two
(b) Six H
(c) One
(d) Three
176. Which is the longest Surah in the Qur’an?
(a) Surah Baqarah
(b) Surah-i-Nissa
(c)Surah Al-Imran
(d) Surah-i-Inaam
177. Which is the second longest Surah?
(a) Baqarah
(b) Yaseen
(c) Aal-e-Amran
(d) Rahman
178. In how many parts the Holy Quran is
(a) Ten
(b) Thirty
(c) Twenty Five
(d) Twenty
179. How many Rukus are there in Qur’an?
(a) 358
(b) 558
(c) 458
(d) 658
180. How many Sahahif as were revealed to Hazrat Adam (AS)?
(a) 10
(b) 3
(c) 7
(d) 6
181. How many mosques are mentioned in the Qur’an?
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 10
(d) 15

182. How many Manazil are in the Holy Qur’an?
(a) 10
(b) 8
(c) 15
(d) 7
183. How many Ayat-e-Sujdah are in Holy
(a) 14
(b) 16
(c) 12
(d) 7
184. How many Surahs are in the Qur’an?
(a) 115
(b) 116
(c) 112
(d) 114
185. How many Makki Surahs are in the Qur’an?
(a) 86
(b) 92
(c) 82
(d) 72
186. How many Madani Surahs are in the Qur’an?
(a) 22
(b) 32
(c) 28
(d) 34
187. Name the Surah Which does not start with Bismillah?
(a) Al-Baqarah
(b) Al-Alaq
(c) Al-Falaq
(d) Al-Tauba
188. In which Surah, Bismillah is mentioned twice?
(a) Surah Tauba
(b) Surah Namal
(c) Surah Baqarah
(d) Surah Nabaa
189. From which surah the Holy Qur’an opens?
(a) The Baqarah
(b) The Falaq
(c) The Fateha
(d) The Nissa
190. What is the meaning of the Fateha?
(a) The opening
(b) To conquer
(c) The expressive
(d) Preface
191. How many Verses are in the Holy Qur’an?
(a) 6668
(b) 6666
(C) 6678
(d) 6650
192. Which is the most repeated verse, repeated 31 times, in the Holy Qur’an?
(a) Fabiayyi-ala-i-Rabbikumatukazhiban
(b) Haaz e hi Min Fazle Rabbi
(c) Fasabhe Be Isme Rabbecal Azzem
(d) None of them
193. How many Prophets are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an
(a) 25
(b) 26
(c) 27
(d) 30
194. Which Surah is called Umm-ul-Kitab?
(a) Yaseen
(b) Rahman
(c) Fateha
(d) Baqara
195. Which Surah is also known as Fasta-tul-Qur’an?
(a) Falaq
(b) Yaseen
(c) Alag
(d) Fateha
196. The nation of Hazrat Nuh (AS) worshipped-idols
(a) Five
(b) Six
(c) Seven
(d) Nine
197: Which Surah is known as Aroos-ul-Qur’an?
(a) Al-Rehman
(b) Al-Alaq
(c) Al-Baqarah
(d) Al-Asr
198. Which surah was recited by the Holy Prophet at the time of Hijrah?
(a) Rahman
(b) Yaseen
(c) Akhlas
(d) Fateha
199. Which Surah was the last revealed?
(a) Al-Nas
(b) Al-Falaq
(c) Al-Alaq
(d) Al-Nasr

200. Which Surah was the first revealed?
(a) Al-Alaq
(b) Al-Feteha
(c) Al-Baqarah
(d) None of them

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