Ismody Reviews – Is Ismody Clothing Legit or Scam?

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Ismody Reviews – Is Ismody Clothing Legit or Scam? Are you a woman and want to get a dress or any other accessories online? Ismody Com might be your choice.

This article is a complete review of Ismody Clothing!

In this twentieth century, almost every woman wants to look attractive and cool by wearing luxurious and glamorous dresses. But, it is also the fact that there is no time for any woman to buy them from the market. They always prefer to shop for their clothing and other accessories online. Here is the time when scammers may get the benefit of those innocent women. It is a bitter reality that most women fall prey to such online scams. Now, you can beat all such frauds.

This article will provide you with some useful tricks by which you will be able to decide whether you should shop anything through Ismody shopping store or not.

What is Ismody Com?

Ismody com is an online shopping store which seems to be built for women. Here you can find a massive stock of women clothing like tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters and coats. You will also see various products related to women accessories and shoes here.

Some of the clothing which Ismody claim to have are casual solid skirts, printed long sleeve shirts, solid buttoned casual dresses, casual sleeveless jumpsuits, blue denim plain pants and long sleeve colour-block sweater etc.

However, vintage earrings, vintage wood necklace, casual anklets etc. are also available at this store. There is also a category of shoes available at this store which includes flat heel boots; braided strap season boots and low heal sneakers etc.

But, you might be scammed by someone while shopping through Ismody.

Age of Ismody Com

It is informed you that old websites always have massive comments from their customers. Also, such a long time without any blame is proof of those old websites. But, in the case of Ismody Com, there is nothing like that. You should see its age yourself. All you will have to do is go to whois website and place Ismody Com there. You will find that it is no more than two months old website.

Such a recently-built website should not be trustworthy. Think about it!

Email Address Information

If you check its email address which is provided in its Contact Us page, you will find it entirely professional. It would be best if you got to know that legit websites always use their brand name as their domain. Ismody Com has also done it. It has used a valid field which is based on its brand name. So, for that reason, Ismody Com might not be a scam.

Office Address Information

It is an extraordinary fact of Ismody shopping store that the address which it has mentioned in its Contact Us page is not its return address. If you search this address at Google, you will find no office, warehouse or any shop there which can relate to Ismody com website. It seems there is no physical appearance of this online shopping store. Be aware!

Social Media Profile

Ismody is present on Facebook. This act is, absolutely, the right sign of this online shopping website because most scammers do not show their identity in front of social media. Fraud persons know the reality that social media is smart enough to reveal the truth behind any scam website. But, Ismody has a social media profile by which you can say it might be a legit shopping store.


After viewing Ismody com website deeply, we have concluded that this website has hidden a lot of necessary information about it. How did it not share its office address, telephone number or any other contact information with its viewers? All these questions have made Ismody com highly suspicious.

Best of luck!

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