John Wells Port Dover Obituary – Cause of Death!

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 Cause of Death: Norms were at half-shaft at Governor Simcoe Square out of appreciation for past Norfolk County Coun. John Wells of Port Dover who kicked the bucket Tuesday at age 76.

 They gave up instructor was a drawn-out city official, who was known for paying special mind to metropolitan spending. He tended to Norfolk’s Ward 6 (Port Dover) from the soonest beginning stage in 2001 until 2018. He starting late filled in as Port Dover’s delegate for the City of Nanticoke.

 Norfolk Mayor Kristal Chopp itemized his passing at a get-together in the Norfolk board chambers on Tuesday night. Wells definite his retirement from authoritative issues in the system the last friendly political decision in 2018, yet later had a differentiation in heart and to be certain tossed is the Ward 6 leading group of trustees seat, notwithstanding, was won by newcomer Amy Martin.

 In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Martin respected Wells.

“Right when you strolled around get-together loads, Mr Wells would dependably turn his seat around and welcome you with a head movement, regardless of whether the board was in an “I at present have the delight of sitting in that indistinguishable seat. I have dependably had gigantic shoes to fill.

 I have dependably had an authentic case of what headway took after in our locale and, I’ve ordinarily had an associate in Mr Wells as this new board worked vigorously on undertakings all through this association and a huge package of them was a triumph.

 Others, as Misner Dam, are as of not long ago his triumphs and without his responsibility and beat downs at chamber I would not have had the decision to acknowledge myWells was occasionally found in the limit of the close by having at limits, for example, the yearly Santa Claus walk and decided for help present a cheer atIn2018, Wells was named Port Dover’s Citizen of the Year.

 In 2019, the Norfolk County Public Library revealed the John Wells Reading Lounge. Wells was an individual from the library board for a huge expanded period and drove the gathering pledges to drive for the new Port Dover library branch.

 In investigating the honour Wells put the association first.”I think what is a more significant need than John Wells (Reading Lounge) is the way that we have a library serving the necessities of the association that is the immense thing.

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