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Joseph Vindel Obituary – Cause of Death: A Louisiana man was mortally shot Sunday in the wake of endeavouring to sell his earth bike using electronic media.

Jalen Harvey, 20, was caught on charges of first-degree murder, outfitted robbery and square of value in the death of 29-year-old Joseph Vindel.

“He was venerated by everyone and didn’t justify this current,” Vindel’s father, Lindsey Vindel told WWL-TV.

Vindel evaporated around 10 a.m. Sunday after he left his New Orleans home in his dull Lexus SUV to purportedly get along with Harvey at his skyscraper in Harvey, an unincorporated zone in Jefferson Parish.

“Mr Vindel remained away always from that trade,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto said at a Monday question and answer meeting.

Exactly when Vindel didn’t get back, his family recorded a missing individual report in New Orleans.

Police said Vindel was shot while he was sitting in his SUV, and thereafter, Harvey purportedly drove the vehicle with the earth bike on a trailer to New Orleans’ Garden District.

“Right when he entered the vehicle, the setback was in the front seat and at one point he pushed him in the optional parlour so he could drive the vehicle properly,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Captain Jason Rivarde tells PEOPLE. “He drove it 20 minutes away.”

Rivarde says Harvey emptied the vehicle with Vindel inside and subsequently, drove the dirt bike back to his home.

Inspectors “had the choice to follow the setback to the high rise, and once there they found the dirt bike at Harvey’s space,” Rivarde says.

The bike, says Rivarde, was found ostensibly yard of Harvey’s space. The weapon used in the killing was purportedly found inside his townhouse.

Specialists furthermore discovered messages between the two men on a Marketplace application about the proposal of the bike.

“We understood they were in contact Sunday morning and there were text exchanges among them around the hour of the tried arrangement,” Rivarde says.

During the public meeting, Lopinto said Harvey admitted to shooting Vindel at various events.

“During the subsequent tending to of Mr Harvey he admitted to shooting Mr Vindel and driving his vehicle to the city of New Orleans where he abandoned the vehicle with Mr Vindel in the vehicle,” he attested.

“It is a $2,800 earth bike it isn’t anything that anybody should be shot over,” Lopinto said.

According to WWLTV, Vindel had as of late gained his territory license.

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