Katie Key Death – Cause of death Revealed

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Katie Key cause of death, obituary, funeral plans: News about beloved Katie Key Death has been announced. Please say a prayer for the heartbroke
This week Home Alone inspects the terrible homicide self destruction including Katie Key and Jason Lynn McCamey.

17-year-old Katie Key was an understudy at West Greene High School who got passing marks and worked a vocation at JC Penney to get some additional money.

In any case, she had likewise been having a semi-cryptic relationship with 29-year-old Jason. She’d dated him a brief time before acknowledging he was oppressive and presumably perilous. At the point when she at long last dumped him things just deteriorated, with Jason calling her home continually and sending unlimited writings.

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Katie lived with her folks and her dad attempted to make the home safer, particularly after they found a note and a portion of Jason’s possessions in their outbuilding. Katie’s mother additionally found a content that she couldnot see from the start. At the point when she opened it on the family PC it was an exposed picture of Katie and the two guardians were shocked that she’d gotten physically involved with the a lot more seasoned Jason.

Things took a dull turn on January 16, 2007, when Jason showed up at the Key home and burst in. He took Katie prisoner and held up in her room until the police showed up. Following four hours of exchange shot were heard and the officials went into the house to discover Katie and Jason both dead. He’d killed her utilizing his shotgun and afterward turned the weapon on himself.

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