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Keelan Banner DeathDied: Keelan O’Neal Banner, 21, of Thomasville, kicked the bucket Saturday, March 13, 2021, in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Brought into the world July 25, 1999, in Forsyth County, he is an offspring of Edward Ruffin and Tina Toomes Banner of Thomasville. Keelan was going to his lesser year at Liberty University, considering business and HR. A gave tracker and fisher, Keelan was his most real self when he was in his outside place of refuge, sitting in a duck surprise stacked up with periods of Banners. He found the most joy in the simplicities of life, which is a prompt impression of his spirit. He didn’t require anything over the sun all finished, the breeze on his skin and the fly of an open fire in the association of his mates and family (which when it came to Keelan, there weren’t many capabilities between the two).

Keelan’s most significant piece of life was that of “kin”. There was no ‘Keelan’ without the previous ‘Cates’ – they were the most astonishing angle buds through thick and modest. Their sensation of the organization was reliably present. As the young fellows became men, the association between the kin sprouted into something portrayed best in the statements of an Author Unknown: “Kin are what dearest friends can never be.” For Keelan, the family was his relentless anchor – his North Star transmitting with strength, love and unfazed help.

Revering Keelan was the honour of anyone supported to grant a slice of life to him. So out and out of our days to come when the aching for a relationship with him has all the earmarks of being unfathomable, adventure outside into the evening air and lift your look to the sky. As Keelan conferred to a dear buddy: “I can feel God the most through space when I appreciate the stars”.

Despite his people, he is made due by his kin, Cates McCall Banner of Thomasville; granddad, Jerry Wayne Toomes of Pleasant Garden; uncles, Shane A. Toomes of Kernersville, Jack Lynnwood Banner, Jr. (Mary Sue) of Greensboro; cousins, Matt and Cari Banner and posterity of Colfax, Jeff and Lindley Webb and posterity of Atlanta.

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