Mars 196 Store Reviews – Legit Or Hoax

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Mars 196 Store Reviews – Legit Or Hoax! Do you think Mars 196 Store is a legit shopping website?

This article is a complete review of Mars 196 Store Reviews!

In this twentieth century, millions of e-commerce websites are springing up on the internet. It is tough to know which shopping website is legit and which is just the scam. Though the internet has made it easy to buy or purchase goods, there is a high risk of involving this environment. You must want to know the reality behind Mars 196 Store by which you will be able to decide whether you should purchase anything through this online shopping store or not.

What is Mars 196 Store?

Mars 196 Store is an e-commerce website which claims to sell various goods related to different professions like a hobby, sport and game etc. 

Some of its items which Mars 196 Store claims to have its own are wooden helicon magic wand, cement caulking, sticky wall climber and reusable grocery bags.

It seems Mars 196 Store contains all the products which can meet the needs of your daily routine. But, do you think the whole stock is real?

The following steps will help you judge the reality of Mars 196 Store:

Age of Mars 196 Store

You can see the age of Mars 196 Store. Knowledge of the registration date of any website tells the trust rate of that website. If you want to know the registration date of Mars 196 Store, you will have to go to website where you can see that Mars 196 Store was created around eleven months ago.

Eleven months is not a very good time to trust a specific online shopping store. You must keep this point in mind before shopping anything through Mars 196 Store.

Email Address Information

As you may know that every legit website has its email address through which it can contact to its viewers, Mars 196 Store should also have its email address. If you visit the Contact Us page of Mars 196 Store, you will see a Gmail account there. A Gmail account can never be the profession email of any legit shopping website. So, it seems a highly suspicious shopping website.

No Return Address

Now is the time to scrutinize the Contact Us page Mars 196 Store. Usually, genuine websites have always a return address in their Contact Us page. But, if you visit Mars 196 Store, you will find no return address there. It means this website does not want to get your order back in case of any complaint. So, how can you trust such a stupid shopping store? Must think!

No Social Media Profile

There is no social media profile of Mars 196 Store. If you search this website at Facebook, you will find no appearance of Mars 196 Store there. Furthermore, there is no twitter account, Instagram profile or YouTube channel, which we can relate to this online shopping store. Why is Mars 196 Store hiding in front of social media? It would be best if you thought about it wisely.


Mars 196 Store is a highly risky online shopping store. After viewing this website by different angles, one can say that there is no legit sign in this shopping website. Usually, scammers create such dodgy and misleading e-commerce websites to defraud innocent people. You should be aware of all such kind of websites.

Best of luck!

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