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Are you searching for the information about neobosen mask?


Is it legit? Read the review!


We have surrounded by various invisible air foes in this twentieth century. We do not know which air particle can make us breathless. But, the question is, how can we stay away from all kinds of air pollutants at this time?

The face mask is one of the best tools to stay you protected against dangerous air pollutants in an easy way. The all you need to do is just wear the mask and by doing this; you can save yourself from getting breathless by the life threatening invisible air particles.

In this article, we will give you all the necessary information about neobosen face masks. So read this article thoroughly to know whether you should purchase these masks or not.

What is neobosen mask?

Neobosen mask is a cotton mask with two transparent sections in it. Actually, neobosen masks are especially made keeping in view the deaf community. Deaf people just assume the speech of others by their lisping and other face expressions. But, all the face masks cover the mouth and most of the area of our face. Now how can a deaf person judge what you are speaking?

Neobosen mask has resolved this problem.

 It has two transparent sections which are as follows:

1.       transparent section around the eyes

2.       transparent section around the mouth

These sections make neobosen masks unique among other ordinary face masks.

Key Features of Neobosen Mask

The key features of neobosen mask are as follows:

Best Fit Face Mask/Size of the Mask

Neobosen masks are being sold in just one size. The size of neobosen mask can easily be fit most of the people. Howeverr, little babies can find it a bit bigger. Otherwise neobosen masks are definitely the best fit designs.

Different Colors

Neobosen mask comes in fourteen different colors. You can get any one color of your choice. It makes people love these masks. Its various colors get the people rid of the specific white and sky blue surgical face masks.

Different Designs has a huge variety of masks in different designs and styles.

The main designs of Neobosen face masks are as follows:

1.       face mask with clear window for visible expression

2.       button wide headband facemask

3.       colorblock breathable face mask

4.       tie dye breathing washable valve facemask

5.       different designs of print breathable face mask

6.       camouflage breathable face mask

7.       glitter face mask

8.       double layer satin face mask

9.       disposable face mask

Price of Neobosen Mask

As Neobosen masks come in different colors and styles, their prices are also different.

Some examples are as follows:

Button wide headband facemask comes in $4.99

Cotton reusable washable facemask comes in $5.99

Double layer satin face mask comes in $10.99

Solid color breathable face mask comes in $4.99

Reusable and Rewash able


As most of the variety of neobosen masks is made of cotton and satin, they can easily be rewashed to use them again and again. However, at, you can also find disposable masks.

Filter Gifts


You will be surprised to hear that if you purchase any type of face mask at neobosen, it will gift you the extra air filters with that mask.

Various Discount Codes

Neobosen masks have also various discount offers like if you purchase a print breathing washable valve face mask you will get two filters with it as a gift.

Other offers at purchasing this mask are as follows:


Where to Buy?

You can purchase the stylish and trending neobosen face masks through the official website  You can see the whole stock of neobosen masks there. Moreover, the prices and discount codes are also mentioned. All you need to do is just choose your favorite face mask from the whole stock and click the shop now button. You will be received your order in a couple of days.

Costumers’ Reviews

Different reviews coming from some of the costumers of neobosen online shopping store are as follows:

Kathy Hastings said:

“These masks are perfect! They fit perfectly and you’re able to breathe. They’re not tight where it presses your nose down. I ordered 6 more masks!


Andrea Hannah said:

“Fits great, love the graphics. It is thin but that works great for breathing”

Virginia Tobey said:

“Been using these for a few days over short periods of time and they are good for the price. They are comfortable on the face and around the ears. I would not consider these small. If you are an adult of average size / weight, male or female, these should fit fine.”

Boby Mattsys said:

“Will Buying again. Very suitable for me”


Neobosen masks are different from any other face masks with respect to color, style, price and their unique idea to stay connected with deaf people. However, the last verdict is yours!

Best of luck!

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