Nss Mdx Reviews! Is nssmdx.com Website Legit or Scam?

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Do you know about nss mdx?
Are you going to buy skates through nssmdx.com? Wait a minute!
You might be scammed by doing this.

If you are also the one of them who has been fascinated by watching the stock of nss mdx, this article will provide you the handy guide which will be helpful for you to decide whether you should purchase skates through this website or not. So read on this article!

What is nssmdx.com?

Nssmdx.com is an online shopping website where you can find a huge variety of skates including: black quad skates, quad roller stakes for men and women, soft faux leather skates, flash quad roller stakes, women yellow skates and 4 wheel roller skates for men and women. 
However, this website is also selling various roller skate accessories including: knee pads, elbow pads, helmet for skating, various protective skating gears and a bicycle helmet for kids. 
Such a huge skater selling website might also be a scam? Anyhow, it might also be a legit website through which you may purchase anything with trust. 
To know the reality behind nssmdx.com, read the whole article thoroughly.
We have discussed some key points in the following by which you can easily judge whether nss mdx skates are legit or not:

Age of the Website

As the age of any website tells us much about the reality of that website, we have reviewed the age of nssmdx.com. To the age of nssmdx.com, go to whois.com and paste the web address of nss mdx there. You will find that this website is one year old. One year is not the short time to trust any website. So such old website might not be a scam.

Hidden Email Address

Whois.com shows that nssmdx.com has not shown its real email address at its website. Instead, it has used a whois privacy to keep its email address secret. Why did this website not show its real email address? Has it a fear to be caught by the police? Must think about it!

Wrong Phone Number

The phone number provided by the nssmdx.com at its contact us page is also the fake phone number. We have tried a lot to contact through this phone number but no one answered any of our single call. So it is absolutely a fake contact number to dodge the innocent people and for nothing else. You must think about it.

No Social Media Presence

You will be shocked after hearing that such a huge online shopping store has no social media presence. It means it has no account of facebook, twitter, instagram and no other social media account. This trick has been used by the scammers for years. They do not show their identity in front of social media in the fear to be caught by any cyber officer. So nssmdx.com is also suspected to be such scam website. Think wisely to decide whether you should buy anything through this website or not. 

No Costumer’s Review

Nssmdx.com is a one year old website and one year is not a short time. Still there is no costumer’s review on any kind of its product. It seems no one has purchased anything from this online shopping store. So why you! It might be a scam. It is also quite possible that the website does not deliver the order after swindling the money. You must think about it wisely.

Bottom Line

We have got a deeper dive to know the reality of nss mdx online skaters shopping store. But, we have not found anything legit in this website. It is absolutely a scam website which has the only purpose to loot you. You should be aware of all such websites. They do not deliver any order after getting money from you. So do not take the risk of losing your money and stay away from it. 
Best of luck!

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