Onhomedepot Reviews – Is Onhomedepot.com Website Legit or Scam?

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Are you searching for home appliances on the internet?

In our daily routine, we use a lot of kitchen appliances and other home gadgets. We live in the fourth industrial revolution, where various home gadgets have made our lives comfortable and luxurious. Now, we have not to wait for a portion of food for an extended period. We open the door of our fridge and get our favourite food from it. A lot of people want to purchase all these kinds of home appliances at a reasonable price.

 That’s why they search them on the internet. But, here, the mystery begins. Numerous scammers exist on there to loot you.

In this article, you will come to know whether you should purchase any gadget through Onhomedepot com or not.

What is Onhomedepot Com?

Onhomedepot com is an online shopping website which claims to sell various home appliances at a very reasonable price. The categories which are available on Onhomedepot com are instant photo printers, printers, Bluetooth and wireless speakers, ice cream makers, retro gaming, instant film cameras, oral care, scooters, thermostat, headphones, blenders and vacuums etc.

But, if you click on any category among them, you will find a minimal stock available there.

The following points will tell you whether Onhomedepot com shopping store is legit or not:

Age of Onhomedepot com

If you want to know when Onhomedepot com website was registered, you should visit whois website. There, you can find that Onhomedepot com which claims to sell such a massive stock of home appliances and other gadgets is around two months old website. You should not trust such a young website as scammers always use new websites to deceive the people. Just think about it!

Fake Office Address

The office address which is available in the Contact Us page of Onhomedepot com seems a fake address. You should also know the reality behind the office address of Onhomedepot com. For that reason, go to your browser and search this office address there. You will find that there is nothing at this address but a sweet home.

 How can a home be the return address of such a large Company? It has a high risk to be a scam website.

Wrong Phone Number

A phone number is also available in the Contact Us page of Onhomedepot com. But, it is just a dodgy number and nothing else. If you call at this phone number, you will find that it is not working. It is a fake phone number. Most scammers always provide a random phone number to mislead their viewers. Onhomedepot com might be one of scam shopping websites. Must think about it wisely!

Fake Social Media Icons

You can also see some social media icons on Onhomedepot com shopping store. These are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. But, can you imagine these icons might also be fake? To check the legitimacy of these social media icons, click any icon among them. You will find nothing but the same page. 

There is no social media profile of this online shopping store. It makes us think about its legitimacy seriously.


Onhomedepot com is one of the highly suspicious online shopping websites. It has hidden a lot of relevant information about it from its viewers. That’s why we cannot recommend you to shop anything through this online shopping store. It is a misleading e-commerce website. There is nothing legit in this website.

 This website may deliver you cheap-quality products after getting money from you.

Best of luck!


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