Pad21 Reviews – Check If It Is A Scam!

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Pad21 Reviews – Check If It Is A Scam! Are you going to buy any face mask through Pad21 com? This honest review will help you out.

This article is the unbiased review of Pad21 shopping website!

Many of you may already know the fact that air pollution has become one of the biggest problems in the world. You cannot imagine when you will become breathless due to any toxic gas inhale by your nose. But, you might say how we can stay safe from all kinds of poisonous gases then? You can fight against all types of air foes by using a face-covering mask.

This article will provide you with different Pad21 Reviews by which you will be able to decide whether you should purchase any face mask through Pad21 shopping website or not.

What is Pad21 Com?

Pad21 com is an online shopping store. We can say it a mask house. Here you will find a wide variety of face masks including lift able HD mask, KN95 mask, perspective Mask and national flag mask etc. but, you can also see various other products related to thermometry, face shield, gloves, goggles and shoe covers etc.

However, Pad21 Com is also selling some uncategorized products like an electric sprayer, door opener and oximeter etc.

But, do you think Pad21 Com is a legit online store? You should get the knowledge about different Pad21 Reviews before shopping anything through it.

Age of Pad21 Com

Age plays the leading role to know whether the specific website is trustworthy or not. Usually, we always trust the relatively older sites as compared to the younger ones. If we talk about Pad21 Com, it is just three months old website. For proof, you can check this website at whois. You will find the registration date there.

So, how can you shop any mask through such young online store? It has a high risk to be a scam. Must think before buying!

Fake Office Address

The office address is the place where you can return your product in case of any fraud. Also, it is proof of legit websites. All online shopping stores which exist physically in this world always provide an office address in their Contact Us page.

Similarly, Pad21 Com has also provided an office address, but there is no reality in this address. If you search this address at Google, you will find no office or any other entity which you can relate to this shopping store. It seems a fake office address. Please do not rely on it!

Email Address Information

The email address provided by Pad21 shopping store is professional. Most legit and sensible websites always provide an email address to their users which consist of their brand name. If you check the email address of Pad21 Com, you will find that it has also used its brand name “Pad21” as the domain of its email which is a legit sign of this website.

No Telephone Number

You might be shocked to hear that Pad21 Com, which is such a considerable mask selling website has no contact number to provide. It seems this shopping store is trying to hide its identity by doing so. All legit sites have a telephone number by which anyone can contact the representative of that Company, but in the case of Pad21 Com, there is nothing like that. It might be a scam!

No Social Media Presence

There is no social media presence of Pad21 Com. It means this online shopping store cannot be found at any social media platform. Usually, official websites seem to be incomplete without a Facebook page, a twitter account, an Instagram and a Pinterest profile. But, Pad21 Com has no such platform. It is a highly suspicious point of this website.


As you have come to know that Pad21 Com contains a lot of information stored in it which is just misleading and dodgy, there is a bad trust rate of people at this website. Also, you should not trust any online site which has just come on the internet with no customers’ reviews. By doing so, you might be scammed by cybercriminals.

Best of luck!

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