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Ray Larson Obituary Lexington KY – Commonwealths Attorney Ray Larson Has Passed Away: Former Fayette County Commonwealths Attorney Ray Larson has died. He kicked the bucket in the early significant length of Sunday, August 1, 2021.

Ray was a significant Commonwealth’s Attorney and committed nearby authority to his neighbourhood. Having served for more than thirty years, he was a steady advertiser for setbacks’ advantages. Benevolently keep his family in your contemplations during this irksome time.

Ray will be recollected affectionately so undeniably in the hearts of the people who knew him.

Who Is Ray Larson – What Happened To Ray Larson

Lexington and all of Kentucky lost a solid and gave neighbourhood official recently with the passing of surrendered Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson. An incredible person who carried respect and honour to our court structure. Our petitions go out to his friends and family. Tear, Ray.

Acknowledgements For Late Ray Larson

“It’s a grievous day for Kentucky. The main Crime Fighter, Ray” The DA” Larson has gone to Heaven. Shaft Larson started prosecuting that consistently I was considered. He filled in as Commonwealth’s Attorney in Fayette County for over 30 years until he surrendered in 2016. The bar was a vigorous advertiser for bad behaviour losses and a legend of value and obligation. He was similarly a pioneer in both the KY Commonwealth’s Attorney Association and the National District Attorneys Association.

Exactly when I was picked, the chief call I made was to Ray because, notwithstanding, I had never met him, he’s standing like the best analyst in Kentucky. Shaft invited me to Lexington and went through an entire day showing me how he ran his office and reacting to all of my requests. By then, I had no idea about how gigantic of atonement this was by and by today, I’m in awe of his charity. For the accompanying 15 years, even after his retirement, Ray was an unbelievable buddy and mentor. A significant part of the methodologies in my office was stirred by Ray. A significant part of the perspectives by which I run my office was furthermore animated by Ray. Anyway, he is gone from this world, his legacy will live on in my office and various others across Kentucky!

Inhale a moan of help Ray! You combat a remarkable fight. We will take it from here, and we will consistently recollect you, old pal!”

Incredibly sorry to learn of the passing of past Fayette County Commonwealths Attorney Ray Larson. Ray was a tremendous analyst, a supporter of setbacks, and a good man. He was sublime to my mom, an individual analyst, and staggering to me additionally my entire life

Incomprehensibly inauspicious to hear that past Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson has passed on. I’ve never met an even more fiercely energetic advertiser for bad behaviour losses in my 17 years around here.

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