Riderlovers Com Reviews – Check If It Is A Scam!

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Are you searching for the reality behind Riderlovers Com?


If you the one who loves riding like horse riding or camel riding etc., you have come to the right site. Riderlovers Com website is one of those shopping websites which provides a massive stock of products for riders. Horse riding is a famous sport these days. Though we live in the 4th industrial revolution, horse riding still exists.

 Some people symbolize it by their cultural heritage whereas a lot of people ride the horse for entertainment.

They also want to dress-up while riding a horse. For that reason, people search for a place which is selling such stuff. But, numerous scammers also exist on the internet, which can deceive you in minutes.

In this article, you will be able to decide whether Riderlovers Com is legit or not.

What is Riderlovers Com?

Riderlovers Com is an online shopping website which claims to sell various horse riding dresses and other riding accessories for women. This shopping store is for rider women. Main categories available on the top of Riderlovers Com website are riding favourites, breeches, horse tops, yellow stone, boats, equestrian facilities, animal series and casual wear.

You must keep in mind that Riderlovers Com sells the stock only for women. Some of its products are emerald old green boots, high-waist leggings, horse heartbeat print sweatshirts, mid-tube rider boots, poncho coat, sunflower western jeans, skinny pocket riding pants and arrows boots.

But, the risk of Riderlovers Com of being scam still exists.

By following these points, you can decide whether you should purchase anything through Riderlovers Com or not:

Age of Riderlovers Com

First of all, you should confirm the age of Riderlovers Com. most legit websites are at least five years old. But, if you check the age of Riderlovers Com, you will find that there is nothing like that in this online shopping website.

To get the exact age of Riderlovers Com, visit whois website. There, you will be able to know that this e-commerce website is around three months old. Three months is short as compared to five years. So, you should not trust Riderlovers Com website so quickly.

Email Address Information

Now is the time to test the email address of Riderlovers Com. if you look closely to this email, you will find that it is a professional email address. To identify whether an email address is professional or not, see the domain of that email. Professional emails always have a specific brand name as their domain. So, Riderlovers Com owns quite a professional email address.

No Return Address

Now, go to the Contact Us page of Riderlovers Com website. You will find no return address there. It means Riderlovers Com _such an excellent shopping website does not want to get the order back from its customers. It is an awful fact of this online shopping store. Moreover, you cannot access the scammers without a physical address. So, Riderlovers Com might not be a legit website.

No Social Media Presence

Riderlovers Com has not provided any social media icon in its Contact Us page. You can also check the whole website manually but in vain. You will not see any social media presence of Riderlovers Com. it means this online shopping website is trying to hide its reality in front of the social media community. Scammers always do that.

So, it would be best if you thought about it before shopping through Riderlovers Com.


We have discussed all the cons and pros of Riderlovers Com. now, we want to tell you that this shopping website is not a legit one. You should be aware of all such scams. They spring up on the internet to loot the innocent people and for nothing else.

Best of luck!

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