Ridge Wallet Review! Is it Legit or Scam?

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Do Ridge Wallets really work?

If you are going to buy Ridge Wallet for you, do not be in hurry. Read this review before making any decision to buy it.
If you are also the one who does not know much about this Ridge Wallet, we are going to provide a handy guide about this product. 
After reading this article, you will be able to decide whether you should purchase this product or not. 

Brief Introduction to Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet is the name of a brand which has got the popularity all over the world. It is a father and son brand named Daniel and Paul Kane which has now become the Kickstarter success story of this twenty first century. It is a UK-based brand. A lot of information about Ridge Wallet brand is also available at reddit and youtube etc. In the year 2019, it has earned a lot of money. But, is it legit in the year 2020?
The question which comes in the mind of everyone is how the father and son team has got the success?
Are Ridge Wallets really so effective?
If you also want to know the answers of all your possible questions, read on this article!

Parts of Ridge Wallet

We want you to keep in view the parts of Ridge Wallet before going further. 
The parts of Ridge Wallet are as follows:
  1. Individual money clip
  2. Cash strap plate
  3. Replacement screws
  4. Replacement elastic
  5. T5 TORX 

Variety in Ridge Wallets

Ridge Wallets comes in a huge variety of colors and styles which are as follows:
  1. Black
  2. Gunmetal
  3. OD  Green (Olive drab, think U.S. army)
  4. Navy (Team favorite)
  5. Desert Tan
  6. White
  7. Raw (plain metal)
  8. Gold
  9. Rose Gold
  10. Celeste 
  11. Tropical 
  12. Tiki 

Material of Ridge Wallet

You will be surprised to hear that Ridge Wallets come in a huge variety according to your need. You can choose any kind of wallet whichever you think is perfect for you. 
Seems cool!
Genuinely, Ridge Wallets come in three different types of wallets which are as follows:
  1. Titanium wallets
  2. Aluminum wallets
  3. Carbon fiber wallets

Titanium Ridge Wallet

Titanium Ridge Wallet is made of the titanium plates and an elastic straps bind these plates. The bottom of this Ridge Wallet is also made of the elastic.
 The appearance of this Ridge Wallet seems sleek and comfortable. A titanium wallet has the ability to keep your cards secured from hackers because titanium can block the RFID. 
Titanium Ridge Wallet fit the money and other cards perfectly and there is no risk of slipping the money between the titanium plates. The elastic support guarantees the safety of your money and credit cards etc.

Advantages of Titanium Ridge Wallet

The specifications of the Titanium Ridge Wallet are as follows:
  1. Titanium Ridge Wallet is more durable than the wallet of any other material
  2. Blocks RFID
  3. The money and other cards fit easily
  4. Comes in three colors: burnt, gunmetal and black
  5. Has Outer money clip
  6. Comes with life-time warranty

Disadvantages of Titanium Ridge Wallet

Seemingly, Titanium Ridge Wallet is a perfect wallet to keep your money safe. 
However, there can also be some difficulties while using this wallet which are as follow:
If you put more than six cards in Titanium Ridge Wallet, it will be difficult to pull one card of them. 
Titanium Ridge Wallets use to get dirty and dusty in a very small period of time because titanium has the ability to attract dirt and dust easily.
Don’t be hesitated to buy Titanium Ridge Wallet!
Titanium Ridge Wallets come with the life-time guarantee. So you need not worry about the legitimacy of this Ridge Wallet. 

Aluminum Ridge Wallet

The Aluminum Ridge Wallet is made of aluminum plates. These aluminum plates are bound with the elastic straps having each both sides of the plates. You can carry your money, credit cards and other cash cards between the aluminum plates with the full safety of elastic straps. 
Aluminum metal has also the ability to block the RFID. So you need not worry about the hacking of your cash data by any kind of hacker. It seems you are safer than ever before. 

Advantages of Aluminum Ridge Wallet

  1. It is lighter and thinner than Titanium Wallets
  2. Comfortable to carry as its outer layer is very soft and sleek
  3. Blocks RFID
  4. Has replaceable elastic straps
  5. Maximum twelve cards can fit easily
  6. Can be returned within forty-five days in case of any fault
  7. Comes in different colors like black, gunmetal, metal olive, navy, woodland camo and matte white etc
  8. Has a life-time warranty 

Disadvantages of Aluminum Ridge Wallet

  1. You cannot put more than twelve cards in Aluminum Ridge Wallet
  2. Aluminum Ridge Wallets do not come in various fun Tiki and other tropical styles

Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets

Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets are the thinnest and the lightest among the three categories of Wallets. It comes in further two categories which are: carbon fiber 3K and forged carbon. 
If we talk about the Carbon Fiber 3K Ridge Wallets, you will be impressed by its manufacturing.
Carbon fiber 3K is manufactured by the sheets which are filled with resin. 
Forged carbon fiber has the ability to be squeezed in any shape. It comes in a neat and clean pattern which looks like the brush strokes. 

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets

  1. Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets are the thinnest and the lightest among all the three categories of ridge wallets
  2. It can hold twelve cards at a time
  3. Its appearance is very sleek and attractive
  4. It comes in two basic varieties: carbon fiber 3K ridge wallets  and forged carbon fiber ridge wallets
  5. It has replaceable elastic straps
  6. It comes with  a life-time warranty

Disadvantages of Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets

  1. Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets are a little bit more expensive than other Ridge Wallets
  2. The stock of Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets is limited

Price of Ridge Wallet

After getting all the information about Ridge Wallet, you will definitely be thinking that it must be a high-cost wallet. 
Ridge Wallet comes in different prices according to its variety. 
Anyhow the minimum price of Ridge Wallet will cost you $75 only. Usually the price of Ridge Wallet ranges from $75 for aluminum Ridge Wallet to $115 for carbon fiber Ridge Wallet.
The price of Ridge Wallet is very reasonable. The people related to any class can purchase it easily. 

Discounts and Promotions on Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet is a very high-quality brand and does not need to give various kinds of discounts for the sake of selling its wallets. 
However, it gives a promotion code as a refer-to-friend deal. If you refer the Ridge Wallet to your friend and your friend purchase it, your friend will get 10% discount in case of his/her first purchase and you will get 15% discount in your next purchase.
Doesn’t it seem cool?

Where to Buy Ridge Wallet?

You can buy Ridge Wallet through its official website or simply through Amazon. Ridge Wallet is so popular that you can find it from some the shopping stores of US. 
Hackberry is also such kind of shopping store where you can find Aluminum Ridge Wallets.
 You can also visit its official website where you can see the whole stock of this Ridge Wallets. You can easily choose the Ridge Wallet according to your need. 

Shipping Policy of Ridge Wallet

The standard domestic shipping of Ridge Wallet is usually within two to five days. It will cost you $3. 
If you want to get a free shipping, you will have to purchase the Ridge Wallets which worth at least $40. 
International shipping is available within seven to fourteen days. The international shipping costs $5 but if you order which worth at least $40, your shipping will be free of cost. 
It seems the perfect and the easiest shipping policy than ever!
Return Policy of Ridge Wallet
As you have already informed, Ridge Wallet comes with a life-time warranty.
The return policy is simple.
You just need to take an image of the damaged Ridge Wallet and send this image through a form to the official website of Ridge Wallet. Your money will be returned to you within just fort-five days. The Company will also send you a USPS label by using which you will have no need to pay for the shipping.
Do you still feel risk in purchasing Ridge Wallet?

Contact Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet website has the facility to chat live with the representatives of the brand. Cool! So you need not worry about posting the question after going at its email address. However Ridge Wallet website has also provided the email address by which you can contact them. 
The email address is: support@ridge.com

Last Verdict 

We have gathered all the necessary information about Ridge Wallet from various sources and now we have come to the conclusion that you should give a chance to such a cool-designed Ridge Wallet. There is no bad review coming from any costumer recorded yet. So it is definitely a legit wallet. You can keep your money safer than ever by using this wallet.
So stop faffing around and buy the Ridge Wallet as soon as possible.
Best of luck!

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