Rockin Fig Death – Rockin Fig Has Died – Passed Away

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Rockin Fig DeathIs Dead: The proprietor of what some would say is one of the last in-your-face surf shops in California has died.

Rick “Rockin’ Fig” Fignetti, the adored surf retailer of Rockin’ Fig Surf Headquarters on Main Street in Huntington Beach, passed on Friday of a coronary failure. He was 64.

Known for his unmistakable thick glasses, long wavy hair and goatee, Fignetti made a permanent blemish on the riding local area as a surfer, U.S. Open of Surfing commentator and the voice of the neighbourhood radio broadcast KROQ’s surf report for quite a long time.

From 1984 to 2010, surfers all through southern California woke up to Fignetti’s voice revealing the surf conditions on KROQ, and his name was even etched into the stone in the Surfers’ Hall of Fame at the edge of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway.

A 10-time West Coast Surfing Champion and double-cross public hero, Fignetti was generally seen riding the Huntington Beach Pier most mornings before his demise, his companions say.

“Fig was really a United States champion in the senior age bunch in riding divisions. A ton of folks needed to beat him, yet he was only that saucy sort of fellow that is simply slipping ceaselessly, getting the waves around folks,” Mike Downey, a long-term companion of Fignetti, said. “He was consistently into giving … He gave a ton of information to many individuals and myself.”

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