Skortu Com Reviews – Is Skortu telescope Scam?

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Skortu Com Reviews – Is Skortu telescope Scam? Are you searching for an online platform to buy some products through it?

This article is a complete review of Skortu com website!

Though online scamming has reached the top, you cannot deny the importance of eCommerce websites. Online shopping stores have become our lives more comfortable and more accessible than ever before. Now you need to visit your favourite shopping website, and you place your order there. The Company delivers your parcel within a few days. But, how can you rely on any online shopping website without getting much information about it?

After reading this article, you will be able to judge whether Skortu com is legit or scam.

What is Skortu Com?

Skortu com is an eCommerce website located in America where you can find a vast stock of various kinds of products. Some of its products are double-headed wall light, V-neck T-shirt, secure pocket short and tactical baseball cap etc.

 Also, It sells various outdoor products like picnic BBQ, outdoor air conditioner, sand-free beach mat and monomolecular telescope etc.

Skortu Telescope

One of the most attractive products on Skortu com shopping website is super-telephoto zoom monocular telescope. This telescope is said to be invented by John Hopkins University.

Some of the distinct parts of Skortu telescope are as follows:

  1. Phone clip
  2. Tripod
  3. Portable rope
  4. Dust cover
  5. Cleaning cloth
  6. Storage bag

Skortu com claims that its monocular telescope can capture the beauty of birding, hiking, concert, camping, hunting and games. Also, this shopping store has highlighted that some rip- off telescopes are on the internet, which is fake.

But, how can we believe that the telescopes by Skortu com are legit?

There are some essential tricks in the following by which you can identify the reality behind Skortu com quickly:

Uncategorized Products

Skortu com has not categorized its products in any manner. You will find a vast stock of different tools there. Indoor, outdoor and daily routine products are available there. Also, it contains various kinds of clothes. But, none of these products is placed correctly among the whole stock. No official website can do this. So, you should think about it wisely!

Age of Skortu Com

Skortu com is no more than two months old website. It is, absolutely, one of the shocking facts of this website. If you want to search the registration date of Skortu com, go to whois website and place this web address there. You will find that its registration date was less than two months ago. How can such a young website claim to have an original monocular telescope? It is a highly suspicious one.

Email Address Information

If you check the Contact Us page of Skortu com, you will find an Email address there. That email address is entirely professional. “Skortu” has been used as the domain of that email address. This thing might be a legit point of this online shopping store. Mostly, scammers use unprofessional email addresses. So, Skortu com might not be a scam. But, you should read all the points before deciding whether you should shop through Skortu telescope or not.

No Telephone Number

If you check the telephone number of Skortu com, you will find nothing on this website. There is no phone number available on the Contact Us page of this website. How will you contact the owner of the Company in case of any complaint? Moreover, if Skortu com is a scam, you will not find the right person without a phone number. Just think about it!

Return Address Information

If you see the office address of Skortu com in its Contact Us page, you will find a piece of minimal information about that. The office address of Skortu shopping store is just California, America. There is no complete information about the exact location of this office. It means Skortu com wants to hide its appearance in front of the world. Just think about it!

No Social Media Icon

Skortu com has not shared any kind of social media icon in its Contact Us page. There is no social appearance of this website on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or youtube. You may know that people that use social media platform are knowledgeable and can reveal the reality of any online website quickly. So, Skortu com hides from social media for that reason. Must think wisely!


Skortu com is a highly-suspicious online shopping store which should not be trusted by anyone. There is a lot of information which Skortu com has provided us wrong. Some necessary information is not available. So, we suggest you not to trust such a dodgy online shopping website. It might loot you.

Best of luck!

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