Uschst Com Reviews – Legit or Hoax

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Are you searching for an online store to purchase something for your kids?

If you are the one who is searching for a place to purchase something online, you have come to the right site. Nowadays, you cannot trust anyone without investigation. A lot of scammers are available on the internet, which is smart enough to mislead. They claim to sell different products but, in reality, they have no such stock available. Itis one of the tricks which most fraud people try to cheat the people. 

So, it would be best if you were smart enough to judge the reality of any website in minutes

This article contains completely unbiased Uschst Com Reviews!

What is Uschst Com?

Uschst Com is an online shopping website which sells various kinds of products like timber cove swing set, Springboro wooden swing set and much more. The main categories of Uschst Com are inflatable bouncers, inflatable slides, inflatable water parks, pergolas, playhouses and swing sets.

Some of its products are rocking adventure set, inflatable bounce house, inflatable water park, blast water park, pergola swing and eagle nest.

Is Uschst Com Scam?

Age of Uschst Com

Whois com shows that Uschst Com less than one-month-old shopping store. Usually, scammers attack innocent people through newly-created websites. Less than one month is not a long time to trust any website. So, it would be best if you did not trust Uschst Com without getting much information about it. Think wisely!

Email Address Information

The email address of Uschst Com, which is available on the top of the Contact Us page is professional. If you look at the domain of this email address carefully, you will find that it is same as its brand name. Most legit websites always have an email address with their brand name. So, for that reason, Uschst Com might not be the scam website.

No Return Address

Uschst Com has no return address mentioned in its Contact Us page. So, you cannot return your parcel to the Company in case of any fraud. Moreover, police cannot arrest them quickly because they are not accessible by address. So, Uschst Com might also be one of those fraud websites.

No Contact Number

Uschst Com has not provided any contact number in its Contact Us page. It seems there is no representative of Uschst Company which can answer your queries via phone call. How can you trust the website which does not have even the phone number of it? Does it not seem strange? Just think about it carefully before shopping anything through Uschst Com!

No Social Media Presence

There is no social media icon available on Uschst Com shopping website. Usually, legit shopping stores share their social media icons at the bottom of their websites. Some of those icons are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. But, Uschst Com has not shared such an icon. It means this website is trying to hide in front of the genius people. Just think about it!


We have done our searches to know whether Uschst Com is a real online store or it is just another scam. And, now, we have come to this point that Uschst Com has an appalling trust rate which is almost 10%. Research shows that you should not get involved in this online scam. It might loot you in seconds. It is also quite possible that Uschst Com might hack your bank information.

Best of luck!

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