Wearule Com Reviews – Check If It Is A Scam!

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Wearule Com Reviews –Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? Do you want to purchase any bike at a reasonable price?

This article is a complete guide of wearule com!

Are you searching for an online store to buy bikes for your kids?

The bike is the best option to start the day. On wearule com website, you will find various c according to your age. You may know that bikes are the key to better health. Bicycling helps lower the body fat in quite a natural way. Your legs get more potent than ever before. Also, by riding a bike, your mental health boosts instantly.

But, should you buy a bike for you through an online shopping website without getting much information about that? It is informed you that there are a lot of scammers springing up on the internet these days. It would be best if you did not take any risk in this matter.

This handy article will provide you with some smart tricks to know whether you should purchase anything through wearule com or not.

What is Wearule Com?

Wearule com is an eCommerce website which contains a huge stock of various bikes. You can find any bike of your age on this website. For example, wearule com sells forester fox medium 12-inch tricycle, royal baby buttons, matte blue 14-inch kid’s bicycle, royal baby honey red 12-inch kid’s bicycle, 18″ camo decoy boys’ bike, mobo kids’ triton Disney frozen three-wheeled cruiser and royal baby freestyle blue 18-inch kid’s bicycle.

Moreover, you will find kitchenware, patio conversation sets, small kitchen appliances, vehicles and remote control toys etc. on this site. But, after viewing the whole stock, is there no suspicion left? Still, it might be a scam.

Age of Wearule Com

Age is the key to judge the reality behind any eCommerce website. If any specific website is just two months old, it should not be trustworthy. But, in the case of wearule com, there is nothing like that. If you want to check the age of wearule com, use the whois.com website. Go to whois.com and place the web address there. You will find wearule com is about one-year-old website.

 One year is enough to trust any website. So, wearule com might not be a scam shopping store.

Email Address Information

The email address provided at the Contact Us page of wearule com is not the professional email. It is an outlook address mentioned there. But, legit Companies always use their brand name to as the domain of their email address. So, this outlook mail makes this website a little dodgy.

Telephone Number Information

Wearule com has also provided a telephone number to its viewers. But, this number is not working. If you call at this phone number, you will find that there is nobody available to answer your call. We have also tried a lot to contact the Company but all in vain. So, it would be best if you thought about it before shopping any bike through wearule com.

No Return Address

If you check the Contact Us page of wearule com, you will find no return address or any office address available there. It means wearule com does not allow you to return your product to Company in case of any fault. Also, you cannot get the right person at the spot in case of any scam. So, this makes wearule com a highly suspicious bike selling website.

Fake Social Media Icons

Wearule com has provided different social media icons at its Contact Us page, which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube accounts. Wearule shopping store claims to have its profile on these entire social media platform. But, all of these icons are misleading.

If you click an icon from them, you will find nothing but the same page. Wearule com has used these icons to attract innocent people and for nothing else. Just think about it!


After searching wearule com site in detail, we have come to the point that there is no correct information mentioned on this site. The aggregate data is dodgy and misleading. Its fake social media icons and no information about its return address assures us that it is, absolutely, a fake online shopping store and you should not trust such emerging sites.

Best of luck!

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