Wish Com Reviews – Is It Offering Scam Deals?

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Wish Com Reviews – Is It Offering Scam Deals? Are you searching for an online store to meet your daily requirements?

This article contains reviews of Wish Com!

In this twentieth century, no one is free enough to go to the market for shopping. Advancement of information technology has made our life much more comfortable. Now, we have to place our order online, and it is delivered to us within a few days. But, unfortunately, various scammers have also come on the internet, which does not provide us with anything after getting money from us. Millions of innocent people are being deceived by these fraud people every day.

What is Wish Com?

Wish Com is an eCommerce website where you can find a vast stock of various kinds of products related to different categories like fashion, accessories, gadgets, hobbies, household supplies, home décor, shoes, phone upgrades, watches, dresses, tops and bottoms. Also, you can see the categories of automotive, footwear, underwears, pet accessories, make-up, toys, wallets and bags.

But, is Wish Com legit?

Age of Wish Com

Wish Com is the twenty-five-year-old shopping website. Such old site might not be a scam. Usually, scam websites are very young. After deceiving innocent people, scammers move to the next online website. So, it is, absolutely, the best point of Wish Com. twenty-five years is a good time to rely on this website.

But, you should also know all other aspects of this website to stay safe from scammers.

No Email Address

You will be shocked to know that such an old website has no email address available at its Contact page. Does it not want to connect to its customers? You cannot send your queries to the Company without any email address. So, it seems a highly suspicious website.

Office Address Information

Wish Com has an office address in its Contact page. It means this online shopping store exist in this world. You can return your product at this office address in case of any fault. It will get your order back within fourteen days. So, Wish Com might not be the scam.

Customers’ Reviews

The reviews of customers about the products of Wish Com are overall not good. People fall prey to this online shopping store by placing the order for something. Though Wish Com is an old shopping store, there is a meagre trust rate of the people at it.

Some of the reviews are as follows:

“I have not ordered a few items from it which never reached me nor has refund been given back to me. They are fraud, be careful. “

“Wish.com is a website operating all around the world offering Chinese products of very very bad quality.”

So, keeping in view these bad comments in mind coming from people around the world, you should be aware of this shopping store.


Wish.com is an old shopping website which exists in China. You may already know that Chinese people always deliver cheap products after getting a lot of money from us. Wish.com shopping store is one of those Chinese people. It is highly recommended you not to buy anything through Wish.com.

Best of luck!

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