You Don’t Need a Time Machine to Travel Back in Time!

You Don’t Need a Time Machine to Travel Back in Time!


Its really good fun to observe the unspoilt Scottish countryside behind the wheel of a pedigree vintage sports car. Only a few people can have the privilege of owning one of these lovely cars, but just about anyone can hire one.

I have often thought about buying a pre-war convertible sports car and travelled to the Scottish borders where I managed to hire the sweetest little MG J2 as a treat for myself and a surprise for my wife, and surprised she was! the smile never left her lips as we took to the Scottish hills.

Built in 1933 the MG immediately took us back to the romance of the early days of motoring. I grew up with tales from my Father, stories of everyday driving that was always a pleasure. The car was a part of the family, its own character and idiosyncrasies. Motorist of these early days would undertake adventurous journeys, they weren’t put off by a tricky clutch or feeling a few bumps in the road and my trip up to wanlockhead, Scotlands highest village, took us back to those pioneering days where there were only a handfull of cars on the road. If you were kind to the car then it was kind to you.

It is possible to travel back in time and enjoy the adventure that motoring was all about. Even the best modern car does not have the soul of this MG, yes they can have problems, but that’s the beauty of just hiring one, all the fun and none of the responsibility.

You have 24 hours a day, 8 hours must be dedicated to sleeping and the rest should be divided among work, kids, friends, home, watching TV, dating, girlfriend, boyfriend, studies, take-home work. There’s also eating, taking a bath, buying groceries, traveling, watching movies, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, meetings, discussions, or hanging out in your favorite coffee shop. In a twisted planet, there’s hanging out in the moon, going to Mars, and time traveling.

Having the time to hang out in the moon is considerable, but you will never ever have the time to time-travel. If it were remotely possible, you wouldn’t be bothering searching for articles about time management tips because you’d have all the time in the universe. Since you have so many things to do that you don’t even have the time to travel back in time, use a little of your precious time to know some time management tips here.

– To control your time, you have to control yourself. Most people who complain about their lack of time simply do not notice that they are wasting their time on things of high pleasure, but of no pressure. They complain about their lack of time after spending 4 hours on Facebook instead of spending those 4 golden hours on finishing their work. So be sure to prioritize things that can put pressure on you rather than those that merely bring distraction in the guise of pleasure. After all, pleasure after business is a lot more rewarding than pressure after pleasure.

– Do not misinterpret the lack of energy as a lack of time. When you think that you do not have the time to do something, say for example, to finish your projects, your financial report and evaluations, and some other paper works, try asking yourself whether you really have no time for those or maybe you’re just tired. If you are able to ask yourself about that, then that means you are just tired, because if it is otherwise, you wouldn’t even have the time to think about that question because your mind is already occupied with another business, so you better take a nap. Remember, it is a nap and not sleep that you are going to take.




– Do not misinterpret the lack of initiative and lack of enthusiasm as a lack of time. It was 9am in the morning with the sun shining lively upon you when you received a phone call from a colleague telling you that you need to have a meeting outside the office regarding your current project and you say that you are sorry because you don’t have the time. Are you really sure that you don’t have the time or you just don’t feel like doing it? To know the answer, try asking yourself what will be your activity by that time and if your answer is just that you have a lot of things to do, then think again, you might just be procrastinating.

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