Kortez Van Wyk Car Accident – CELEBRITIES’In City Ink’ CEO Dies in Car Accident

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Kortez Van Wyk Car Accident – Young SA cash chief named, Gomolemo Nyatlo also called Kortez Van Wyk is accounted for to have kicked the can in a car crash on Sunday, 25th of April, 2020.

Kortez is extensively known to be the manager of a tattoo association, In City Ink. A position clarification following his passing was shared on the business official Twitter page.

“It is with unbelievable pain and inconvenience that we report the demise of Gomolemo Nyatlo otherwise called Kortez Van WYK, in a minor collision, in the early hours today, 25 April, 2021.”

It was said that he began another business at an energetic age, and his destruction will be felt all through the tattoo and entering the industry in SA and abroad.

The business promises to continue with movement anyway needs their clients to show limitation toward them during this deploring period.

South African celebs have taken to online media, imparting daze at the news.

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