Joanna Lopez Missing 1989 – 5 Year Old Kidnapped and Recovered

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Joanna Lopez Missing 1989 – I continue to say it, my perusers are awesome. In my inbox earlier today, was a riddle that has involved me for pretty much the day.

A peruser let me know that subsequent to watching old TV farewells, they saw two clasps from WMAQ in Chicago, Illinois.

Clasp 1 is from 1989 and on YouTube

At 6min and 47sec, the clasp closes with the public song of devotion. From that point forward, the screen goes to a highly contrasting, exceptionally bad quality, missing individual banner of Joanna Lopez. The phone number under isn’t in assistance (any longer) by any Illinois law authorization organization.

The screen stays static at this banner, no voice-over clarifying the case, no subtleties which Chicago Illinois Police Division is accountable for this case, nothing. It goes on until the finish of the clasp at 8min and 11 sec.

Clasp 2 is from 1991 and furthermore on YouTube

This clasp closes at 2min and 3sec and once more, toward the end a similar exceptionally hazy banner of Joanna.

So I went on the web.

Sofar, I have not had the option to discover anything in paper chronicles however I am as yet chipping away at it. However, i discovered a few references online to this case.

In my web-based pursuit, I saw that two sites allude to Joanna’s case. One is called Arizona Royal Twists and the other is Sedentaria Digitale. Those connections don’t work any longer so I just took screen captures of the Google search.

The most intriguing comments are on a Wiki called Speakonia Community. A client named SavageBoy69 posted this, implying that the whole family is missing and alludes to the clasps referenced previously. I saved that page to the WayBack Machine as well.

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There is no Joanna Lopez in the files of either NamUS or NCMEC. She isn’t recorded with the Charley Project by the same token.

Is there a possibility that Joanna isn’t alive any longer? Obviously, however at that point she may be recorded some place as a Jane Doe. To put it plainly, this is a riddle I will be dealing with time-allowing.

I looked on the Illinois State Police sites under their absent and cold cases. Be that as it may, their web-based chronicles don’t appear to return farther than 2012.

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