Oscar Ortega Missing – Man Accused of Killing Kidnapping Victim

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Oscar Ortega Missing – A suspect has been captured after police say he hijacked a man at gunpoint in North Phoenix before killing him and unloading his body in the desert.

As per Sgt. Andy Williams with Phoenix Police, officials reacted to reports of capturing close to Seventh Avenue and Union Hills Drive at around 8 a.m. on October 6.

The person in question, recognized as 19-year-old Oscar Ortega, was accounted for by his family to have conceivably been grabbed. Police learned Ortega went out at around 2 a.m., was captured at gunpoint, and was constrained into a vehicle by 18-year-old Jerssen Perez.

Court archives give more subtleties on the occurrence

Court archives painted an upsetting chain of occasions including Perez, who supposedly trusted that Ortega will leave his sweetheart’s home in North Phoenix on Oct. 6, abducted him at gunpoint, and afterward constraining him into his vehicle.

As per police authorities, Perez shot Ortega on various occasions after seeing him messaging on his telephone. That very day, the speculate’s family told police he had admitted to the homicide, gave them the firearm, and let specialists know that he had red messes on his garments.

Once captured by Phoenix Police, criminal investigators say Perez admitted, and he ultimately drove officials to a desert region north of Phoenix, where he supposedly unloaded Ortega’s body.

During Perez’s underlying court appearance on the evening of Oct. 7, his lawyer contended for a lower bond, asserting Perez has no earlier criminal history, and that both he and his family helped examiners.

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“His family gotten proof for the state. They didn’t endeavor to cover anything. Furthermore, when he was captured, he drove them to confirm that would help their case,” said the guard lawyer.

As per court records, Perez told police he had been arranging the homicide for as long as a month.

Perez was set up for prison and is blamed for different charges, including first-degree murder and grabbing. A $1 million got bond was set for Perez. He is booked to get back to court on October 14.

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