How to make money – Easy Ways to Earn Money

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How to make money – Easy Ways to Earn Money
It’s hard to get rich just by working. Money makes them who invents a site or a successful business, who wins the lottery or triumphs in a reality show. It is no longer enough to be good at your job.
We need to create a business, ride a wave, respond to a need, guess a niche, have courage and luck. And dare.
It is also true, however, that sometimes earnings are at hand. Of course, you need to have something extra. We have tried to trace some ways to go to find an additional gain or, at best, a turning point in life.
1. Travel the world in 80 businesses
From finance, to travel, to TV. Woodman, 36, from Ireland, worked as a financial consultant in the City of London but was not happy.
So he started traveling. And he discovered that many people lived by trading and exchanging local products. I wonder if what I learned can help me make a living like this? “
I returned to London, I sold a house, I proposed the report of my travels to a TV channel, Channel 4, which gave me the ok. And I left. With 25 thousand pounds (30 thousand euros), my savings “he said in an interview.
After passing through Sudan, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, India, Kyrgyzstan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, he returned with double capital.
The most relevant earnings? He made them with wine and tea. And now? “I will not return to finance. I wrote a book and as soon as I can, I leave. I take a product and resell it ».
2. Earn money on exchange rates
«A risky investment, but with large windows of profitability? Operate on exchange rates. However, it is fundamental to carefully choose the intermediaries you rely on »warns M.R., financial advisor. On the other hand, the Internet allows you to do it yourself.
Online there is introductory content on the Forex market, currency trading. And there is also the possibility to open a demo account that is to do simulations, before putting “real money” on it.

The economic-financial background is preferable, but not fundamental. Psychology seems to matter more than technique.
When you feel ready, you can start with a capital of even 2,000-3,000 euros and the right software. Experts advise avoiding small markets, focusing on large ones and putting a cap on risk.
3. Take the auction house
Buying houses at real estate auctions are worthwhile. «Rely, however, on the support of professionals. The auctions represent a less transparent market than the free one, due to the difficulty in correctly viewing the building and to the greater complexity of the mechanism. For this reason, it is possible to buy at lower prices »explains the teacher 
4. Go to class with the rich
From the book Father’s rich-poor father. What the rich teach their children about money, by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter (Gribaudi, 12.50 euros), a series of observations and advice on how to make money.
The statement “I can’t afford it” paralyzes the brain. The question “how can I afford it?” Puts it into action.
Powerful is financial education. Money comes and goes, but those who are educated about their management can get rich.
Don’t blame others for their financial situation. To question oneself.
The rich work to have fun, and they don’t think about how to make money.
In economic matters, one must use emotions to think, not to think driven by emotions.
Do not immobilize all the capital in the house where you live.
Limit unnecessary expenses. The rich buy luxury goods as a last resort, the middle class as before.
Investing in “real assets”: a business that does not require presence, financial securities, real estate, copyright on original works (books, screenplays, music, patents …).
Find alternative sources of financing to banks. If you guess a deal, involve friends and relatives, if necessary.
Always look for new opportunities. When a deal is on the front page, it is already late for action.

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