Butterflyforu Reviews – Is Butterflyforu Com Website Legit or Scam?

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Are you in search of an online shopping store which can meet all of your fashion requirements?

You may know that women love to dress up differently. Dresses reflect the personality of a woman. If a woman is well-dressed with unique accessories, everyone will respect her and even love her. So, fashion matters a lot to judge the personality of any woman. For that reason, numerous women search online shopping stores where they can get their favourite dresses and accessories. But, someone might deceive them on the internet.

Women love to wear unique dresses.

In this article, we will tell you the reality behind Butterflyforu Com website.

What is Butterflyforu Com?

Butterflyforu com is an online shopping website which claims to sell a massive stock of products to meet all the fashion requirements of women. It is selling various women clothing, pillowcases, accessories and shoes. The whole stock is according to different seasons.

It contains clothing like luxurious dresses, tops, bottoms, sweatshirts, jumpsuits and much more. So, you can buy any dress which you like most about this online shopping website.

Some of its clothing items are round neck T-shirt top, casual jeans, shorts, yoga pants and printed shirts. Numerous women love to wear cool dresses. For that reason, Butterflyforu com contains a lot of cool art printed shirts and other dresses.

Among accessories, you will find pearl earrings, hook earrings, pendant anklets and yoga headbands etc. Butterflyforu com claims to sell all these accessories at a reasonable price. You can buy any product among this stock without getting worried about its cost.

If you are interested in buying shoes, you can see braided strap shoes, flat sneakers, flat sandals and canvas shoes etc. available on Butterflyforu com.

But, do you think Butterflyforu com is a legit online store?

The following points will help you out whether you should purchase any product through Butterflyforu com or not:

Age of Butterflyforu Com

You may know that no online shopping store can gain the trust of its viewers within a small period. It has to work hard for at least five years to become a trustworthy website. If we talk about Butterflyforu com, you will see that this online store is just eighty-one days old. How can you trust such a young website? It makes Butterflyforu Com a highly risky shopping store.

Email Address Information

The email address of any website matters a lot to contact that website. For that reason, visit the Contact Us page of Butterflyforu Com. You will find an email address there. If you look at the domain of this email closely, you will find that it is entirely professional. You should know that most of the legit websites always use their Company name as the domain of their email. For that reason, Butterflyforu Com might not be the scam.

Office Address Information

An office address is also available in the Contact Us page of Butterflyforu Com. It is another legit sign of this shopping website. To check the legitimacy of this address, go to your browser. Type this office address in its search bar. You will find that an office exists at this address. Usually, scammers provide a home address as the address of their office. So, Butterflyforu Com might not be the scam.

No Social Media Presence

Do you know Butterflyforu Com is not available at any social media platform? You cannot search this online shopping store at any Facebook page, YouTube channel or Instagram profile. In this twentieth century, only scam websites do not show off their identity on social media because, by doing so, police can arrest them. So, Butterflyforu Com might also be one of those shopping websites.


We have searched a lot to know whether you should purchase anything through Butterflyforu Com or not. But, we cannot say it a legit website confidently. It is a highly suspicious online shopping store. We cannot suggest you shop anything through this store. It might hack your bank account information. So, you should be aware of all such newly-created shopping stores.

Best of luck!

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