Constitutional Amendments of Pkaistan From 18 to 22 MCQS

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1.Eighteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Pakistan, was passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan on__ , 2010.
(a) March 8
(b) April 8
(c) May 8
(d) June 8
2.Through 18th constitutional amendment North-West North-West Frontier Province has been renamed as
(a) Hazara Province
(b) Soba Sarhad
(c) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(d) Pakhtun Pashtun Province
3.The 18th amendment bill was passed by the Senate of Pakistan on April 15, 2010 and became an act when President Asif Ali Zardari put his signature on the bill on
(a) April 17
(b) April 19
(c) April 26
(d) April 29
4.How many members of the 342 members of the National Assembly voted in favour of the 18th amendment?
(a) 271
(b) 280
(c) 292
(d) 296

5. After the 18th amendment which powers of the President have been curtailed?
(a) Dissolve the Parliament unilaterally
(b) Declare emergency rule in any province unilaterally
(c) Appoint the head of the Election Commission
(d) All of the above
6.. How many clauses are there in the 18th amendment?
(a) 45
(b) 102
(c) 91
(d) 109
7.After the 18th amendment the Senate of Pakistan will consist of how many members?
(a) 100
(b) 122
(c) 104
(d) 112
1.19th Amendment bill was passed by the National Assembly on 22 December 2010 and by the on 30 December 2010.
(a) President
(b) Senate
(c) Federal Cabinet
(d) Constitutional Reforms Committee
2.When the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari gave assent to 19th Constitutional Amendment bill?
(a) December 1, 2010
(b) December 20, 2010
(c) January 1, 2011
(d) January 21, 2011
3.Under the 19th Amendment the number of Senior Judges in the judicial commission has been raised to
(a) four
(b) three
(c) five
(d) six

4.How many years of experience is essential for the members of bar council for appointment to the Judicial Commission?
(a) ten
(b) fifteen
(c) twenty
(d) twenty five
5.In case of dissolution of the National Assembly members of the Parliamentary Committee will be taken from
(a) Caretaker government
(b) Retired Judges of Supreme Court
(c) Senate
(d) Heads of Political Parties
6.Which areas have been included in FATA by the 19th Constitutional Amendment?
(a) Tribal Areas adjoining Bannu and Tank districts
(b) Tribal Areas adjoining Lakki Marwat and Dera Ismail Khan districts
(c) Tribal Areas adjoining Kohat and Peshawar districts
(d) Tribal Areas adjoining Lakki Marwat and Tank districts
1.When 20th Constitutional Amendment Bill  unanimously passed by National Assembly?
(a) 14 January 2012
(b) 31 January 2012
(c) 14 February 2012
(d) 31 March 2012
2.When did President Asif Ali Zardari sign the Constitutional Amendment bill?
(a) January 2012
(b) 31 January 2012
(c) 28 February 2012
(d) 31 March 2012

3.The 20th Constitutional Amendment provides that to remove a member of Election Commission of Pakistan, the procedure laid down in regardin removal of the Chief Election Commissioner or a judge from the service, will be applicable.
(a) Article 209
(b) Article 102
(c) Article 152
(d) Article 265
4.The 20th Constitutional Amendment provides that to resign from his office, a member of the Election Commission of Pakistan shall have to send his resignation to the
(a) Prime Minister
(b) Chairman Senate
(c) Chief Election Commissioner
(d) President
5.The 20th Amendment provided for constituting an committee each at the Centre and the provinces to nominate the caretaker prime minister and the chief ministers respectively along with their
(a) two-member
(b) five-member
(c) eight-member
(d) eleven-member
1.When was the 21 Constitutional Amendment 5 passed in the National Assembly, securing 24 votes?
(a) 18 Jan. 2015
(b) 23 Jan. 2015
(c) 2 Feb. 2015
(d) 6 Janu 2015

2.How many votes did the 21s Constitutional Amendment Bill secure in the Senate of Pakistan?
(a) 56 votes
(b) 78 votes
(c) 67 votes
(d) 69 votes
3.Which president of Pakistan signed the 21 Constitutional Amendment Bill on?
(a) Mamnoon Hussain
(b) Asif Ali Zardari
(c) Muhammad Rafiq Tarrar
(d) Gen Pervaiz Musharaf
4.What was the main cause behind the decision to amend the constitution with the addition of 21st amendment in 2015?
(a) Peshawar school massacre, 2014
b) Jinnah International airport attack, 2014
c) Wagah Border Attack, 2014
d) Peshawar Churck attack, 2014

5.The Military Courts set up through the 21st Constitutional amendment, will remain active for how many years?
(a) 5 years from the date of its commencement
(b) 8 years from the date of its commencement
(c) 2 years from the date of its commencement
(d) 10 years from the date of its commencement
6.Which is the constitutional amendment sought to setup speedy trial for offences relating to terrorism, waging of war against Pakistan and prevention of acts threatening the security of Pakistan?
(a) 21st Amendment
(b) 20th Amendment
(c) 18″ Amendment
(d) 17th Amendment
7. The 21st Constitutional Amendment made changes to which article of the Constitution of Pakistan?
(a) Article No. 173
(b) Article No. 175
(c) Article No. 171
(b) Article No. 162
1.When was the 22nd constitutional amendment unanimously adopted by the National Assembly?
(a) 23rd Jan 201
(b) 17th Feb 2016
(c) 19 May 2016 .
(d) 5th April 2016
2.Which constitutional amendment envisages qualifications and procedure for appointment of Chief Election Commissioner and members of the Election Commission of Pakistan?
(a) 22nd
(b) 20th
(c) 19th
3.How many members of the national assembly opposed the 22nd constitutional amendment bill, presented on 19th may 2016?
(a) 35
(b) 78
(c) 18

(d) none
4.How many members of the national assembly adopted the 22nd constitutional amendment bill,presented on 19th may 2016?
(a) 144
(b) 198
(c) 236
(d) 209

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