Passes Of Pakistan MCQS (Geography of Pakistan)

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1.Name the Pass which connects Abbotabad and Gilgit
(a) Babusar Pass
(b) Tochi Pass
(c) Bolan Pass
(d) Dargai Pass
2.Name the Pass which connects Dir with Kohistan district
(a) Dargai Pass
(b) Badawi Pass
(c) Kilik Pass
(d) Tochi Pass
3.Which is the highest Pass in Pakistan, an ancient trading route between Kashmir and China situated at the height of 5575 meters?
(a) Karakoram Pass
(b) Badawi Pass
(c) Babusar Pass
(d) Khan Kun Pass
4.Name the Pass which connects Sindh
with Quetta
(a) Boroghill Pass
(b) Kilik Pass
(c) Khan Kun Pass
(d) Bolan Pass
5.Name the Pass which connects Chitral
(a) Baroghil Pass
(b) Mataka Pass
(c) Muztagh Pass
(d) Dorah Pass

6.Which Pass connects Mardan with Malakanda
(a) Gomal Pass
(b) Dargai Pass
(c) Tochi Pass
(d) Dorah Pass
7.Which Pass connects Dera Ismail Khan with Ghazni (Afghanistan)
(a) Dargai Pass
(b) Bolan Pass
(c) Gomal Pass
(d) Tochi Pass
8.Which Pass connects Qila Abdullah with
(a) Mintaka Pass
(b) Khojak Pass
(c) Dorah Pass
(d) Muztagh Pass
9.What is the height of Khunjrab Pass?
(a) 4451 meters
(b) 4555 meters
(c) 4671 meters
(d) 4918 meters
10.The world’s highest Passes such as Khunjab Lawari and Shandoor are situated in which mountain range?
(a) Himalayas range
(b) Western mountain range
(c) Karakoram range
(d) Hindukush range

11. Which historical Pass connects Peshawar with Afghanistan?
(a) Bolan Pass
(b) Gomal Pass
(c) Lawari Pass
(d) Khyber Pass
12.What is the total length of Khyber Pass?
(a) 56 km
(b) 59 km
(c) 53 Km
(d) 63 Km
13. Which Pass connects Gilgit with China. It is situated at the height of 4827 meters?
(a) Khan Kun Pass
(b) Malakand Pass
(c) Zagar Pass
(d) Baroghill Pass

14. Which Pass connects Peshawar with Chitral?
(a) Malakand Pass
(b) Dargai Pass
(c) Bolan Pass
(d) Baroghill Pass

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