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Are you tired of carrying grocery items from the market?

Actually, everyone has to shop for grocery products daily. That’s why we cannot deny the significance of grocery stores all over the globe. But, in this twentieth century, everything has become digital. Now, we need to place an order by our smartphone. Our required grocery product comes at our home itself.

Isn’t it easy?

This article will provide you with entirely unbiased Mercato reviews.

What is Mercato Com?

Mercato com is an e-commerce website which claims to deliver various grocery items within the United States. These grocery items are not the products of Mercato. Instead, it picks the products from the required grocery store and drops them to your home.

Mercato is in Addis Ababa. So, by using this app, you do not have to go out for shopping grocery items daily. Some of the categories on this website are as follows:

  1. Seasonal produce
  2. Hand-cut meats
  3. Catch of the day
  4. International specialities
  5. Pantry
  6. Bakery
  7. Speciality beverages
  8. Artisanal cheeses
  9. Spices
  10. Seasonings
  11. Catered to you

Mechanism of Mercato

Mercato com Company picks and drops the grocery products. Various grocery stores, retail sellers and wholesale shops of USA have joined the Company of Mercato. By doing so, they achieve an opportunity to enhance their business.

Mercato com works by following these steps:

1: First of all, grocery stores of America join Mercato

2: Secondly, Mercato displays the products of these stores on its website

3: Thirdly, people visit Mercato com and click on the required item among the whole list

4: Fouthly, Mercato gets payment from its customer

5: Fifthly, it picks the required grocery item from the specified store and drops it to its customer

Is Mercato Com Safe?

Mercato com is providing its service in various areas of US like Boston, Brooklyn, Denver, Portland, San Diego and many others. For that reason, it contains e-commerce partners, delivery driver, merchants, and other Grocery delivery servers.

Age of Mercato Com

If you find Mercato com on whois website, you will find that it came into existence in the year 1997. So, it is twenty-three years old. Such an extended period is one of the legit signs of Mercato com. You cannot say it scam keeping in view the age of Mercato com.

Social Media Presence

Mercato has shared some useful social media icons at the bottom of its website. These are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It is another legitimate sign of this online grocery store because scammers do not show off their identity in front of social media. They think that by doing so, cyber officers might find them. So, they do not provide any such social media icons. But, in the case of Mercato com, there is nothing like that.

Is Mercato Com Scam?

Mercato com is not the scam website. As a lot of excellent and trustworthy grocery stores connect with this platform, we cannot doubt the legitimacy of Mercato com. It is one of the most reliable websites of USA. However, we want to discuss some negative aspects of this grocery store.

Delay in Delivery

Some customers blame that Mercato com has not delivered their order on time. According to them, Mercato com is a slow-processing grocery website. For that reason, most people still prefer to shop their required grocery item by going to the market themselves.

Low-Quality Items

According to a few customers, Mercato com delivers the low-quality grocery items. Some people complain that they received squashed tomato. But, most customers of Mercato com have no such issue. So, you should keep this point in mind before placing the order through Mercato com.


The overall information about Mercato com is quite positive. Numerous people have positive feedback for this Company. However, few customers have also recorded their complaints, but those are not big enough to raise the question on the legitimacy of Mercato com website. So, according to our recommendation, you should buy your grocery through Mercato com.

Best of luck!

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